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Toronto just got a hidden new taco joint that also makes massive Mexican sandwiches

The kitchen at Toronto's Folly Brewery is now home to a new spot serving up tacos and hulking pepitos: Tres Compadres.

Hidden from street view but available online for takeout and delivery, this months-old business shares a space with Folly's other kitchen tenant, Tokyo Hot Chicken. 

The three-person operation (hence the name, which translates loosely from Spanish to Three Friends) includes Jahmal Erlington, Ali Bambdad, and Abraham Ortiz, the latter who has worked under legendary Pujol chef Enrqique Olvera.

Tres Compadres is pumping out tacos with beef brisket confit, chicken tinga, marinated sirloin tip steaks and beef birria. They opened in November and have been a hit so far.

If you're too hungry for one of their Chop Chop Salads (which, despite the avocado, is mostly iceberg lettuce) head for their Steak Pepito.

At $16.95, this hulking sandwich is the priciest and, likely, heaviest item on the menu. 

The sirloin tip steak comes from local butcher Nosso Talho, with melted cheese, pico de gallo, homemade corn chips and a signature salsa. 

Originating from Spain, pepitos are a common street food in Latin America, especially in Venezuela and Mexico City, so much so that they're called the "traditional Mexican torta". 

According to Bambdad, their version of this staple is extra generous. "We think we're making food for our family...You try to take care of them a little more," he says.

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