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Toronto has a new source for gourmet rice pudding delivery

Toronto's new gourmet rice pudding delivery company is "not your grandma's rice pudding."

Rice Rice Baby makes rice pudding in flavours like apple pie, strawbasil, vanilla and peanut butter cup varieties. They make deliveries every Thursday, and you can order online. 

"We grew up always loving rice pudding, but it wasn't until Kareem joined our family and we tried his generations-old family rice pudding recipe that we realized what rice pudding really could be. We were blown away by this Egyptian recipe and immediately felt that it was something we needed to share," Rice Rice Baby founders Cathy and Annie Cormier wrote to blogTO in a statement.

"We realized that rice pudding is such a versatile dessert and could work for any age, whether someone appreciates the traditional or wants to have some fun with exciting toppings and flavours. It was also such an opportunity for us to play and experiment with this traditional dessert to make it something new, fresh, and exciting."

Cathy's partner Kareem Sadek is part owner of the business, though he's involved in more of an advisory role. However, Rice Rice Baby is all about family, with Kareem as well as Cathy and Annie's parents pitching in when they can.

"Do you remember sitting in your kitchen as a kid and sharing that delicious dessert that was your Mom/Dad's specialty? For us, that is really what rice pudding is: something that contains that nostalgia of a simpler time, but is still so classic and delicious," say Cathy and Annie. 

"Rice pudding is one of those foods that reaches all across the world; so many cultures have their own version that is just a little bit different. It was a connection for our family and we feel that it could be a connection for others and really celebrates the diversity of cultures in Toronto."

All rice puddings are $6 or $7, and can be delivered for a $5 fee. You can also pick them up in person at Bayview Village and Avenue Rd. locations of Pusateri's.

"Making our rice pudding is sort of like a science project to get it to that perfect texture with a long and labour intensive process," say Cathy and Annie. 

"When we were first passed the recipe, it took a couple of months of trial and error to get it just right, but it's a labour of love and we believe in the importance of delivering the highest quality pudding every time. That's why we still make the same traditional recipe on the stovetop and deliver it fresh every week."

Rice pudding may not seem like it has the same broad appeal as, say, cookies, cake or ice cream, but Rice Rice Baby is slowly cornering the market on this dessert most people either love or hate.

"We have had such an amazing response, both from the rice pudding doubters (refer to the 'Confessions' story on our Instagram) and the rice pudding lovers," say Cathy and Annie.

"We've had people dance with their rice pudding and come back for seconds and even thirds. We've had people who insist on the wackiest combinations, and the stanch traditionalists who will only accept a sprinkling of cinnamon."

Whether your childhood memories of rice pudding are good, bad, or just nonexistent, this woman-owned company in Toronto is on a mission to make you a convert.

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