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Restaurant near Toronto uses pickles instead of bread for its sandwiches

Dill pickle lovers rejoice: there's a restaurant 40 minutes outside of Toronto subbing out bread for your favourite pickled cukes.

A takeout spot in Burlington called Dill Pickle Wraps has brought the trend of the dill pickle Reubens to Ontario. 

All you need to do is hop on the QEW and head to 460 Brant St. (once we're allowed to travel) to experience the tangy creations at Dill Pickle Wraps, which opened in downtown Burlington in late 2019.

Goodbye rye bread, hello two juicy slabs of massive dill pickles sandwiching your corned beef, dijon mustard, and mozzarella. 

The part of their menu dedicated to pickles also includes a smoked salmon dill pickle sandwich, a turkey pickle club, and a grilled veggie pickle, all for under $10. 

Pickle sandwiches aren't a new concept, in fact, they're pretty popular in several diet programs that want to nix out carbs and grains completely.

Aside from all the dill delights, Dill Pickle Wraps does some regular lunch specials like grilled cheese and tomato soups which, unfortunately, does not contain pickles.

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