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Toronto man posts photos of mislabelled vending machine food and they're hilarious

Vending machine food isn't the best by any means, but a Toronto man has just posted photos that set a new low. 

Rob Mueller says he found these interesting food labels in a vending machine at his office building back in 2018, but finally decided to share them on Facebook, and people are getting a good laugh.

Mueller said he would occasionally purchase food from the machine when he didn't have time to prepare it. But soon, he and his co-workers noticed something was off.

toronto food

A "ground beef" chicken parmesan sandwich. 

The food labels were completely wrong, and in a very funny way. There was a chicken parmesan sandwich with the ingredients label reading "ground beef," and no chicken in sight. 

"Everything tastes like chicken after all," one comment on the Facebook post read. 

Mueller told blogTO that a truck driver ended up buying the product, and it was in fact made out of chicken, but not very appetizing. 

"We all had a good laugh because anything to break the monotony of factory work is great," he said.

On another occasion, his co-worker noticed a roast beef sandwich labelled "roast bees." 

toronto food

A "roast bees" roast beef sandwich found in a Toronto vending machine.

"When every week more roast bees sandwiches came in, it really became a joke," he said. Finally, the company received word of the error when somebody told the delivery man. 

"Then someone came in with a marker and wrote beef over bees," he said. After that incident, it never happened again.

"Vending machine sandwiches are really bottom of the barrel, last resort before one eats the insole of their shoes, kind of a meal. It's not even hangover food. They are dry, tasteless and unsatisfying but fill the void in one's stomach," Rob said.

blogTO is told that the suppliers of the vending machine have since been changed, but the legend of the roast bees lives on. 

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Rob Mueller

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