toronto patio

People in Toronto are getting creative with their patio spaces at home

As the pandemic continues and another lockdown looms, people in Toronto are getting creative with their patios and balconies, especially as winter approaches. 

While the spread of COVID-19 may be keeping us locked away in our homes, some are truly trying to make the most of their patio by sprucing it up with some new funiture, decor, and perhaps even a heated lamp. 

This is the case for Spencer Yuska, who lives with his girlfriend in a condo in the Entertainment District.

toronto patio

Yuska's pumpin' patio.

"As the pandmic was going on, we wanted to find new ways to get fresh air," Yuska told blogTO. 

"Staying inside wasn't cuttting it for us so we decided to buy some things for the patio."

As a result, Yuska and his girlfriend completely decked out their patio to be able to enjoy some time outside as the cold weather hits.

"Along with restaurants, we were forced to find creative ways to get fresh air during the pandemic so what better way than to make our small balcony the life of the party," he said. 

"We purchased some benches and tables from Wayfair and some other things from Amazon including the colour changing Philips Hue railing lights, some greenery - vine wall included - disco light speaker, and probably the real MVP, the patio heater. Some might say it's overkill, we say it's a game changer."

To top it off, Yuska said that they brought a TV outside so that they could watch sporting events like the NHL playoffs and others. 

"We have been dying to host, but have only been able to have small socially distanced get-togethers with our neighbours for things like pre-drinks before the Raptors and Jays playoff games," he said.

Now, of course, even the small gatherings are out of the question.

toronto patio

Yuska and his girlfriend are able to watch their favourite teams outside.

Yuska said that their patio has garnered attention from quite a few passersby. 

"It can be seen from the street pretty vividly. So we've had some people yell up and wave to us. It's kind of one social aspect that we're getting that wouldn't have happened without COVID," he said, adding that it's viewable from John Street, above Sweet Jesus.

toronto patio

A view of their patio from street level.

Now's the time to get creative!

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Spencer Yuska

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