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Drake accused of putting raisins in his mac and cheese

New allegations against Toronto's most-successful musical export suggest that Drake may, in fact, be grosser than the average man in his 30s who text messages "boy advice" to tween girls.

Don't let his self-professed love for the finer things in life fool you: If images from the star's 34th birthday party are any indication, he's cool with the idea of eating raisin-infested mac & cheese.

That's right, RAISINS — a food item barely even welcome in oatmeal cookies, let alone a cheesy pasta dish.  

And yet, leaked images from Drizzy's Friday night soiree at Nobu in L.A. show that guests at his birthday party could order just that: Mac n Cheese with sun-dried tomatoes, capers, raisins and parsley.

Fans and foes alike are universally disgusted by the vile-sounding dish, which may or may not have actually even existed.

Hear me out: The ingredients listed for Drake's extra-chewy mac & cheese are the exact same as those listed for another menu item directly above (grilled cauliflower.)

You'd be far more likely to find sun-dried tomatoes, capers, parsley and raisins on grilled cauliflower at a restaurant than you would on mac & cheese (though I doubt anyone would order either.)

Champagne Papi hasn't publicly commented on the matter, as he is an incredibly wealthy and famous person with better things to do, but some Drake stans have pointed out that the weird food combo was likely the result of a copy-paste error.

"I think someone copied and pasted the garnish from the cauliflower and forgot to change it for the mac and cheese," wrote one observer under a now-viral image of Drake's birthday menu.

"Honestly, my man needs a better graphic designer," wrote another. "It's a typo in a sea of bad font/alignment/ordering decisions."

But even if the raisin mac & cheese only ever existed on paper (and we're not yet ruling out the possibility that someone actually cooked this abomination,) Drake's birthday menu had many other weak points. 

"The man is serving salads for his bday and ur upset about the mac n cheese," wrote one Twitter user. "There are multiple flags on the play."

Of course, many others on Twitter seized the opportunity to make jokes about Drake getting his sense of culinary style from his mom's side of the family.

Some jokingly argued that Drake should be sued by his guests over the offence, or that the raisins are a harbinger of darker things to come: "I know Drake did not have raisins in no damn Mac & Cheese. F**kin serial killer, that's what he is," wrote one Twitter user.

"At this point Canada can have drake back," another wrote. "This isn't their year... first Tory [Lanez] now Drake putting sun-dried tomatoes and raisins in MAC & CHEESE!!!"

Said another Twitter user most cuttingly: "Drake's music is basically raisins in the Mac and cheese too."

The jokes only get meaner and funnier from there, if you're interested in scrolling for yourself.

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champagnepapi via Instagram

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