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Toronto restaurant says it hasn't been paid by Uber Eats

A Toronto restaurant just publicly called out Uber Eats after not being paid by the third-party delivery app for over 40 days.

"We haven't been paid since March 23rd and can't get anyone to give us a solid answer," reads the caption to post on Score on King's Instagram account.

Uber Eats has probably been the most under fire since delivery app usage has been on the rise during physical distancing, with soon-to-be-defunct Foodora closely behind it.

Uber Eats has had issues with service outages and disgruntled restaurant partners that have abandoned the app, and Foodora is now shutting down just months after their workers unionized.

"Since we started doing takeout, Uber Eats hasn't paid us at Score on King.  We can't get a hold of anyone, and when we do, that person disappears," says Jesse Ritchie of Score on King. "We feel we are doing what we can to help our community with the Pay it Score-ward campaign and this is a slap in the face. It's a mess."

Normally, Score on King has a lively patio and serves outrageous Caesars topped with burgers and brownies. The restaurant originated in Vancouver and opened up in Toronto about a year ago.

"We signed up and started delivering through them on the 23rd of March," says Ritchie. "They confirmed everything and we waited for payments, got nothing and tried to reach out to them.

"I completely understand that they are scrambling like the rest of us, but all communication with them gets bounced around and on three or four occasions, we have been told 'Everything looks good on your end, the money should be deposited within 24 hours.' Then nothing. No contact info to reply to, have to start from scratch again."

If you want to support Score by ordering from them, Ritchie says the best way to do that right now is just to call in your order directly.

"We are thankfully one of the more fortunate venues in Toronto coming off a banger of a first year here and think we will be able to survive the pandemic," he says. "We've tried to do our part to help our community with our Pay it Score-Ward campaign and need every penny we can get right now."

Within a few hours the post (and its many likes, and angry mentions of Uber Eats Instagram accounts) got the attention of someone from Uber who said Score will get their money by Friday. 

Ritchie still says they have "fingers crossed" and have to "wait and see," adding, "These guys are screwing up big time." It's hard not to agree.

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