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30 restaurants and cafes in Toronto that have transformed into grocery stores

Restaurants and cafes in Toronto are turning into makeshift grocery stores in the midst of the pandemic to take the pressure off larger providers and encourage people to support small business. If you just want to pop out for some eggs, milk, butter or a tomato without facing crowds, your favourite neighbourhood restaurant might where to start.

Here are restaurants and cafes in Toronto that are also grocery stores.

Juliana Social

This East Chinatown cafe delivers groceries from Monday through Friday and offers pickup on Wednesdays. They stock dairy, produce, proteins, pantry staples, snacks and more.


This high-end bar and restaurant on West Queen West has turned into a shop selling dairy, produce, prepared items and booze including barrel-aged cocktails.

Love Chix

Veggies, fruit, bodega-style staples and craft beer can be obtained from this chicken joint located in the Junction Triangle. They're still doing takeout too.

Bodega Henriette

Dry goods, dairy products, snacks, produce and bread plus wine, beer and housewares like toilet paper, tampons and baby wipes can be delivered by this restaurant with King East and Upper Beaches locations.


Pantry items, produce, proteins, DIY kits and even bar supplies like mixes, pickled beans, Tabasco and tonic are available from this restaurant chain that delivers through DoorDash.

Local Public Eatery

This restaurant with Leaside and Liberty Village locations has transformed into a "local corner store" with snacks, bar mixes, fruits, veggies, meal kits and more.

Fox Market

Prepared meals, fruits, veggies, eggs, dairy products, pet products, hot sauce and alcohol are all available for scheduled curbside pickup from this evolution of Fox & Fiddle in CityPlace.

Cote de Boeuf

Meats and organic produce plus soups and sandwiches can be picked up from or delivered by this French restaurant on Ossington that was already also a butcher shop.

Storm Crow Manor

Bread, produce, breakfast and fruit boxes are available for pickup or delivery from this Church Wellesley Village nerd bar. They also have cook-at-home items.


Essentials like eggs and produces as well as ready-to-cook items are being delivered by this Korean BBQ restaurant.

The Beet

This Junction restaurant has turned into an organic market selling items like squash, kale, cold-pressed juices, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, apples, sourdough, cabbage, onions, eggs, vegan aioli, parsley and broccoli.


Free contactless delivery is available from this Annex business on organic plant boxes you can mix and match, with options for crackers, dips, spreads, slices, wraps, desserts and more.

Rebel House

Fresh fruits and veggies, olive oil, honey, coffee, flour and lots of prepared meal options and booze are available for takeout from this Rosedale pub.


Get items like eggs, butter, sausage, fruit, veggies, smoked salmon and fresh pasta from this Corktown outpost of Terroni that's part cafe, part restaurant, part production space.

Lady Marmalade

Yogurt, milk, flour, eggs, honey, hot sauce, dressing, beer and a tight range of produce can be ordered online from this brunch restaurant in East Chinatown.

Eastbound Brewing

Things like dips, olives, cured rainbow trout and marinated mozzarella can all be purchased from this brewpub in Riverside that's also selling their beer and takeout.


Cheeses, deli meats, dry goods, and house-made items like terrines and their famous sourdough can be picked up from this Italian restaurant in the Junction Triangle. 

Gio Rana's

Get everything from shrimp and steak to produce for pickup or limited delivery from this Italian restaurant located in Leslieville.


Coffee, cheese, dairy products, deli meats, produce and fresh pasta can be obtained from this shrine to all things Italian with a location in Toronto at Yonge and Bloor with delivery through Instacart.


The Commissary location of the Drake Empire in the Junction Triangle has groceries like sourdough, ice cream, pickles, hot sauce, pancake mix, butter, eggs, milk, and much more you can order ahead for pickup.


Specialty ingredients like jasmine rice, dried chillies, fish sauce and oyster sauce that this Thai restaurant in the Entertainment District actually uses to cook their own dishes are available for pickup.

Mill Street Brewpub

Fresh fruit and veggies, bread, dairy products, frozen items and lots more can be picked up curbside from this Distillery District restaurant and brewery.

Barocco x Nino

Get takeout or delivery of items like pasta, sauce, soups, cookies and coffee from this Italian cafe in Little Italy.

St. Louis Bar & Grill

This chain is offering basics like bread, condiments, water, tortillas and frozen waffles through their grocery to-go service.


Dry active yeast, bread flour, butter, milk and coffee plus housemade grocery items like pickled red onions, curtido, sausage, kimchi and dressing can all be ordered online from this Annex restaurant's pantry shop.


Meat, dairy products, produce, condiments, dry goods and alcohol along with signature cookie dough and detergent can be delivered or picked up by this cafe and dry cleaner with locations on Dupont and Bayview.

KA Space Cafe

Head in to this cafe in Leslieville to pick up items like produce, baked goods, juice, bread, alternative milk and bottled water.

Murphy's Law

Pantry items, dairy products, bread, produce and frozen items can be ordered online for pickup from this pub located in the Beaches.

Oliver & Bonacini

This restaurant group does delivery on minimum $150 orders of produce, pantry staples and protein, assembled into curated boxes or selected a la carte.

Pauper's Pub

Delivery is available on minimum $100 of produce, proteins, dairy products, vegetables, baked goods, frozen goods, snacks, beer and liquor when you order groceries from this Annex bar.

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Love Chix

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