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Customer surprises Toronto restaurant with $100 tip on takeout order

Someone just tipped more than the cost of their order at a Toronto restaurant currently open for takeout only, and thankfully, the stories of generosity don't end there.

Foxley, a longtime restaurant on Lower Ossington, recently posted an image of a bill to their Instagram showing that a very generous customer had tipped $100 on their $91 bill. 

The Instagram post also showed a photo of a pizza staff at neighbouring Superpoint had brought over to Foxley before their Friday takeout service, and a screenshot of a text from a customer asking to order one of everything on the menu plus two bottles of wine.

When it comes to the $100 tip alone, "I was shocked," Chef Tom Thai of Foxley said. He even called the customer back to ask if it was a mistake, but they replied that they just wanted to support the restaurant.

The restaurant is serving items like ceviche, salads and grilled meats for takeout right now.

He says most people tip, and that some tip what he considers to be quite well at a rate of 20 per cent. But some have gone above and beyond, like another customer who ordered from them the first day they opened up, paying full price for wine rather than the 50 per cent off they're currently offering and tipping 30 per cent.

Despite everyone's generosity, Thai says he's just glad people show up at the door, saying it's "nice to see customers" and that he "never expected that," leaving him "almost in tears."

When it comes to the future Foxley, Thai says it's "really up and down" but "no matter what we're going to stick around, we're not going down without a fight."

When it comes to some of the costs these kinds of tips can cover, the expenses Thai lists feels endless: rent, food cost, hydro, taxes. Any profit helps the restaurant stay around for now, but they're also putting money aside to help bring back staff. Thai says he pays himself last.

What it all comes down to? "Survival," Thai says. "Hopefully we can all get back to normal. It's nice to hear people say they appreciate it."

What Thai likes best about doing takeout is the chance to talk to customers and connect, saying he misses that part of Foxley being open the most.

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