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Restaurant meat supplier is now doing delivery to Toronto homes at wholesale prices

Meat delivery in Toronto is a useful service these days as social distancing makes it challenging to obtain groceries. So it's a good thing that Leavoy Rowe Beef Co. is not only bringing meats to homes in Toronto, they're doing it at really great prices.

Just like Daily Seafood that started to deliver to homes after seeing a huge drop in demand from its usual restaurant customers, Leavoy Rowe is now allowing anyone to order from them for the first time.

"Prior to COVID-19 and the restaurant shutdowns, we supplied high quality meats to the top steakhouses, restaurants, and event spaces across the GTA," says James Clark, Account Manager for Leavoy Rowe Beef Co. 

"One restaurant group we work closely with is Oliver & Bonacini. We just added some of their products to our order list as well. We haven't been open to the public before, but recognized an opportunity after seeing how grocery stores were becoming a bit chaotic, and some were even completely sold out of meats," says Clark.

"Customers we have already delivered to have also expressed that they felt it wasn't safe to shop/go outside. We have been delivering for just over a week now and the response has been great. Everyone loves our steaks and how everything is individually vacuum packed."

Pricing starts out around $25 for boxes of pork loin chops, $37 for frenched lamb racks, and $40 for 10-pound boxes of chicken wings and ground turkey. 

"We are now delivering the same quality product we were supplying to our restaurant customers, at wholesale prices," says Clark. "All meats are sold by the box, all specifications are clearly marked on our delivery list. Our products are sold fresh."

All you have to do to order is fill out a sheet and send it over to the company via email. They offer next-day delivery across the GTA on orders $250 or more or contactless next-day pick-up at their plant in Mississauga at 3066 Jarrow Avenue with no price minimum.

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