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20 halal meat and restaurant delivery options in Toronto

Halal meat delivery and groceries are still being delivered across Toronto, so getting products that fit dietary restrictions doesn't have to be a headache. These places offer hand-slaughtered meats, and some have even made provisions for Qurbani.

Here are some options for halal meat and grocery delivery in Toronto.

Meat delivery and grocery stores

This grocery chain with multiple locations is doing delivery six days a week in Scarborough, North York, North Toronto, Missississauga, Etobicoke and Oakville.


Shop for poultry, mutton, beef and veal from Iqbal Halal Foods through this online delivery service.

ND Fresh

This service is delivering fresh halal chicken, lamb and beef to your door with free shipping on orders over $150.

Kuresh Halal

Get same-day or next-day delivery of chicken, beef, lamb, veal and goat from this service for a fee.

Alwalaa Halal Meat

Get products like marinated meat, burgers and steaks delivered by this provider.

Halal Meats Canada

Large quantities of lamb, beef, chicken or veal as well as Qurbani supplies can be delivered by this company.

The Meathead Store

Halal meats and sauces are available for delivery from this online shop.

Whispering Meadows

Organic, naturally raised halal meats are available for delivery from this local farm.


Want to avoid all the cooking yourself? There's also lots of Halal friendly restaurants delivering in Toronto right now where you can get your fried chicken or kabob fix.

Knockout Chicken

Get halal fried chicken delivered from this restaurant, in bucket or sandwich form.

Karachi Grill

Kabobs, rice, curries, samosas, naan and more are available for delivery to your door from this restaurant.

Al Noor Halal Pizza & Chicken

This place does just what it sounds like: combos of pizzas and wings, accompanied by garlic, honey garlic and BBQ sauces.

Bombay Roti

Those craving Indian-style roti can get their butter chicken, saag paneer or biryani fix from two locations of this restaurant.

Paramount Fine Foods

Saj wraps and other staples of a halal diet are available for delivery from this chain of restaurants.

Ziba Doner

Build your own doner box or kebab and get it delivered from this halal restaurant.


Grab halal deep dish pizza (yes, it exists) or a calzone for delivery from this joint.

College Falafel

Falafel fans will never be disappointed with a meal from this mainstay that also does donair, shawarma and baklava.

Available for delivery and takeout!

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A couple locations of this restaurant deliver the classic shawarma and falafel plates plus soup.

Butter Chicken Roti

This spot will stuff roti with all manner of proteins and deliver them to your doorstep.

Naan and Kabob

Famed kabobs can be delivered from this restaurant that specializes in Afghan cuisine.

Shawarma 360

Chicken, beef and lamb are all halal at this shawarma spot that delivers and also makes its own pita.

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