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Toronto is celebrating the return of patio weather

The stock markets are crashing, North Korea is playing with missiles again, the entire country of Italy is quarantined and the World Health Organization is thisclose to declaring a pandemic over the widespread outbreak of COVID-19.

Fortunately, the weather is absolutely gorgeous in Toronto right now, and there is nothing wrong with focusing on that, as opposed to, say, global epidemiology or something else you have no control over.

With a high of 12 C and nothing but sun in the sky yesterday, the people of Toronto were compelled to stop gawking at Love is Blind for a minute and leave their hibernatory winter nests.

They poured forth from their condo buildings in droves, filling sidewalks, parks and balconies all over the city. It finally felt like spring — and it still does as of Monday, after reaching a daytime high of 17 C.

A common joke around these parts is that bros can be seen wearing shorts outside whenever temperatures hit the double digits. Ample evidence of the stereotype's origin could be seen all over the downtown core this weekend.

Another popular harbinger of spring is the emergence of massive crowds on bar and restaurant patios — particularly that of the Black Bull on Queen Street West.

True to form, people flocked to this and other patios around Toronto and much of the same can be expected after work lets out in the Financial District (among other restaurant-dense neighbourhoods popular among youthful drinkers.)

"It's March 8th and it's 9 degrees and two people just asked the cafe next door if their patio is open," wrote one Twitter user of the scene. "Peak Toronto."

The responses to even a blip of warm weather in March may seem over-the-top to those unfamiliar with Toronto's weather, but nobody can blame us for wanting to soak up some sun.

Not only have just experienced another cold, grey, gross winter season, we never know when that season will end. This taste of spring could be the last Toronto sees in a while... until Mother Nature flips the switch and summer hits overnight.

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