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Customers come to the rescue for popular cafe in Toronto trying to pay its staff

A popular Toronto patisserie and cafe just had its funds wiped by a tax payment during this already chaotic pandemic.

The Tempered Room recently created a GoFundMe explaining how an already dire situation of operating a small family-run business on razor-thin margins during the COVID-19 pandemic became an absolute crisis.

HELP!!! :( Link in bio . We have started a go fund me for our employees. Please read our story as to why it's come to this, and the actions we vow to continue/take if we are able to remain open/reopen after this pandemic. Baby tax and TLDR at end - please follow link in bio . Feel free to skip the introduction to get right down to it. There are many ways you can help, by leaving us a Google review if you haven't, tagging friends, linking, sharing, buying our precious, closely guarded till now sourdough starter, or getting the best fresh croissants in Toronto delivered to your door while we're still kicking . Thank you. We love you. We're so sorry we couldn't handle this one ourselves . . . . #toronto #torontonews #torontogrocery #covidtoronto #coronavirustoronto #toreats#restauranttoronto #sourdough #torontosourdough #torontosourdoughstarter #torontorestaurant #torontoevents #torontopatissier #torontobread #torontoquarantine#savetherestaurants #torontobread #torontopatisserie #torontoboulangerie #parkdaletoronto #parkdalefamily #parkdalevillage #parkdalelife #torontosmallbusiness @torontolife @blogto @torontorestaurants.co @toreats @to_finest @where.there.toronto

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"We retain the services of a highly accoladed finance group to keep our books, and functioning on a routine pre-approved payment schedule, 6.5k in payroll tax accidentally left our bank account," reads the GoFundMe page. 

"This happened despite the government widely announcing a hold on all tax related payment till September. No money from our floundering industry should be going to the government, instead exactly the opposite."

The page continues, "Just to be safe, we asked our bookkeeper to please keep a vigilant eye on the books. They agreed completely, and we felt confident that we're in the hands of a capable group that we are paying well to do some of our worrying for us."

"The next day we suddenly found out that we will not be able to pay our employees the next pay period when our banking information updated. That same day, 15 Group had taken their payment out of our already devastated account as well."

The Tempered Room received dismissive initial responses upon contacting the company, and eventually friends and family began writing emails of support.

"The president of the company called us to apologise," reads the GoFundMe. "He assured us it wasn't done of out malice, but that there's nothing to be done. They will very kindly refund us their payment for that month, but since their finances are also suffering, and their employees are understandably buried in T-4s, we're on our own."

The page goes on, "This transaction that rendered us unable to make payroll was completely preventable and completely unnecessary. Obviously it wasn't done purposefully. We forgive them. We have no choice but to, but we cannot keep what happened a secret for them.

"We called and e-mailed CRA, our MP, other accountants, applied for every loan and subsidy under the sun, but the system is overwhelmed.  We are not ready to give up, but we can't hardwork our way out of this one, not in this economy."

As such, they started asking for donations from the community and posted an SOS page where people can support by ordering takeout and delivery.

And customers responded in droves. The Tempered Room has already raised over $7000, exceeding their goal of getting the $6500 back.

So the Tempered Room remains back in business for now. "Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts," they wrote on their Instagram. "We will keep you updated over the next few days as we respond to and fulfill all these wonderful orders, get ready for the care package of your life." 

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