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The 10 most outrageous food coming to the CNE

Outrageous food coming to the CNE this year takes zany midway fare to new heights. The 2017 offerings include deep-fried chicken feet, spaghetti donut balls, burgers with bright red buns, churro ice cream sandwiches, mac and cheese chimichangas and other carnival fantasies.

Here are the wackiest creations coming to the CNE this year.

CNE food TorontoAll-Canadian Red Hot Burger

This burger by Bacon Nation was inspired by Canada’s 150th birthday, with a bun made bright red with Frank’s RedHot sauce.

CNE food Toronto

Last Samurai

Kind of like the movie of the same name, this ramen burger made by Yatai (a sister project of Kanpai snack bar) brings together great North American and Asian traditions by sandwiching a burger together with fried chicken and two kinds of kewpie mayo between ramen buns.

CNE food TorontoSugar Mountain

From Cake Shack, this sweet explosion is a brownie topped with cheesecake topped with a white-chocolate-dipped sugar cone topped with a confetti donut topped with (but wait, there’s more) cotton candy, all dusted with powdered sugar. Your sweet tooth will thank you.

CNE food TorontoThe Colossal Coliseum

Veal, a whole pulled pork panzerotto, cheese, jalapeno, BBQ sauce and thankfully, cooling slaw all topped with two mini brownies make up this surprisingly edible sandwich from San Francesco Foods that feeds four...or just one.

CNE food Toronto

Deep Fried Chicken Feet

From Coco Concessions comes the ultimate carnival dare: crispy chicken feet skewered on a stick and deep fried. You’re sure to draw attention on the midway with one of these in hand.

CNE food TorontoFried Mac and Curd Chimichanga

Farm to Fryer stuffs curds along with molten mac and cheese into a tortilla and deep fries the whole thing for the ultimate stretchy, cheesy, gooey hand-held snack.

CNE food TorontoThe Juicy Oink

HotBunzz Street Cuizine stuffs slow-roasted pulled pork shoulder and five spice pork belly, longanisa sausage, crispy pork skin and an entire Shanghai pork soup dumpling into a bun topped with okonomoyaki sauce, Japanese mayo and honey apple slaw.

CNE food TorontoSpaghetti Donut Balls

If you can believe it, there’s not just one way to eat deep fried spaghetti. These donuts from Fritta containing balls of spaghetti come in sweet and savoury form, with chocolate ganache and cinnamon sugar or savoury tomato sauce and parmesan.

CNE food TorontoStrawberry Shortsteak

Replacing the typical bun with a massive donut, Philthy Philly’s riffs on its legendary cheesesteak topped with provolone by smothering it in strawberry sauce, icing sugar and whipped cream.

CNE food TorontoDragon’s Breath Crepe

Eative is known for its liquid nitrogen magic acts, and ots CNE offering follows suit. This crepe on a stick is frozen using liquid nitrogen so that when eaten it creates a “dragon’s breath” effect that billows from your nose and mouth when you breathe.

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