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The top 10 cheap wines at the LCBO right now

Finding cheap wine at the LCBO can be a frustrating experience if don't have a list of go-to bottles. It's not that there isn't wines to choose from in the $10 range, but rather that so few of them are worth drinking. Fortunately, there are some hidden gems out there that are friendly to your bank account and palate.

Here are my picks for the top cheap wines to buy at the LCBO right now.


Trapiche Astica Merlot/Malbec - $7.95
A steal at under eight bucks, this blend of Merlot and Malbec is sturdy wine that pairs well with stews and braised meats, particularly lamb.

JP Azeit達o Red - $8.95
This red blend from Portugal shows off the warmth of its growing conditions with plenty of red fruit and herbs on the nose. It's a perfect pick-me-up on a chilly day.

Jaszbery Szekszardi Kekfrankos - $9
Hungarian wines are vastly underrated, which is good for our wallets because this lovely wine is great to have a few bottles of lying around for sipping without the need to pair it with food (though it also goes nicely with easy meals like mac and cheese).

Cantina Tollo Colle Secco Mont D'Abruzzo - $9.25
Here's a wine that drinks like it could be twice the price, and should be one of your go-to options for pasta and pizza nights. There's a balanced acidity here that makes it very food friendly.

Bodegas Castano La Casona Monastrell - $10.95
Spain produces many value-driven reds of which this is particularly good option. There's loads of ripe plum here along with cherry notes.


Cape Bay Chardonnay-Chenin Blanc - $6.45
What a fabulous deal this wine is at under seven bucks. It's big on ripe apple and oak flavour, though thanks to the Chenin Blanc doesn't taste overly toasty.

Fonseca Periquita White - $8.95
Better know as a grape used for Port, Verdelho can nevertheless produce intriguing and aromatic dry white wines. This one will appeal to those who like crisp and refreshing whites.

Argento Chardonnay - $9.95
This Chardonnay has the toasty oak characteristics many are looking for from the grape as well as pleasant notes of pear.

Jacob's Creek Reserve Chardonnay - $11.95
This modern-style Chardonnay dials back the oak for something a bit more restrained and refreshing. It was a good deal when it retailed for $14.95 - now it's a steal.

Pelee Island Lighthouse Riesling - $12.45
This Ontario Riesling has just enough residual sugar to appeal to new wine drinkers and to stand up against spicer food offerings. It's an excellent wine to sip on as well.

What did I miss? Add your suggestions for cheap wine finds at the LCBO in the comments.

Photo via the LCBO.

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