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The top 5 Thai ice cream rolls in Toronto

Thai ice cream rolls in Toronto are a true testament to human ingenuity: ice cream is frozen and rolled in a cold pan to form a beautiful bundle of flavour that you can cover with all sorts of decadent toppings. Anything to beat that Toronto summer heat. 

Here are my picks for the top Thai ice cream rolls in Toronto. 

Arctic Bites

Focusing solely on what's often called "stir-fried" ice cream, this ice creamery in Baldwin Village offers made-to-order Thai rolls that are poured onto an ice grill. Choose from eight flavours of ice cream (including Thai tea) before loading up your cup with toppings.

QQ Thai ice cream

This spot on Midland Avenue will crush up Ferrero Rochers right on the griddle before pouring frozen ice cream on the bits to create decadent, fresh rolls you can cover in whipped cream and drizzle in chocolate sauce.

Poop Cafe

The city's one and only doo doo-themed dessert shop has a huge selection of sweet things: one of which is the sweet Thai roll. Choose a flavour and some toppings and have it served to you in a little bathtub container that is simultaneously random yet completely necessary. 

Toast Delight

If you're going to try something new, you might as well go all out. This bakery on Kennedy Road offers loco options like durian and squid ink-flavoured Thai ice cream rolls; if that's too much for you there are less intimidating options like HK milk tea and Oreo. 

Rollz Ice Cream 

Everything about this plaza dessert spot on Steeles goes all out, from its massive YTV-esque mural to its big portions of ice cream rolls which come in decadent flavours like ice cream cake or chocolate fudge. 

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Hector Vasquez at Arctic Bites

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