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The top 5 new burgers in Toronto for 2016

There's no shortage of new burgers to try in Toronto. These restaurants have debuted new, improved classics, burger bao, gamey creations and meatless monstrosities.

Here are my picks for the top new burgers in Toronto that you gotta try.

The Skyline
This deluxe old school is done right at this newly revitalized Parkdale diner. While the recipe stays true to the classic combination of beef, cheese and bacon, it's all done with premium ingredients then dressed with red onions, tomato slices, pickles and house-made mayo.

This vegan restaurant in Parkdale has become instantly famous for its mock Big Mac, though there's more to the menu than just meatless McD's. Order the Wild West for a patty topped with onion rings, "bacon" and BBQ sauce, then upgrade sides with fun fries and optional dairy-free milkshakes spiked with booze.

Maple Leaf Tavern
For the ultimate cheeseburger, head to this newly minted tavern on Gerrard. The historic venue is newly refurbished is home where wood fired grilled burgers come topped with house-made cheese, dill relish and garlic mayo.

Junction Local
The elk burger at this new joint in The Junction starts with a lean, gamey meat patty nestled into a brioche bun and then loaded with delectable toppings including aged cheddar, bacon marmalade, crispy shallots, pea shoots and mayo.

Almighty Bao
The kitchen operating inside the Churchill Bar is serving up craveworthy snack-size burgers. The Mighty Burger ($8) might be small but it sure is mighty.The patty is smooshed into the flat top as it sears for that perfect crust of caramelized beef and then its loaded onto a puffy bao and dressed with sliced tomatoes, onions, lettuce and secret sauce.

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Photo of the Skyline burger by Jesse Milns.

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