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The top 5 new nightclubs in Toronto from 2015

The newest nightclubs in Toronto are cool, contemporary and copious amounts of fun. This year brought a lot of change to Toronto, from politics to sports to the way we feel about trash pandas. But one thing remained the same: sometimes it's absolutely necessary to down a few vodka sodas, grab your girlfriends, and pretend you've got rhythm.

Here are my picks for the top new nightclubs in Toronto that opened in 2015.

Odd Thomas
This nightclub-meets-beer bar serves up a wide variety of brews in addition to delicious cocktails, complete with a relaxed vibe not typical of the usual nightclub scene.

Same Nightclub
Same focuses on bottle service, high-quality cocktails and chic, minimalist decor. Located on King West, this after-work-to-early-morning club proves that just being inoffensive is good enough.

La Vie Complex
This Entertainment District club has it all, from bottle service to celebrity clientele to intense DJs to very, very friendly patrons.

This house music club in Little Italy boasts a DYNACORD sound system and LED lights. The 13,000 square foot club proves that the best things come in big packages.

Blnd Tger
This club combines the worlds of upscale booze and exciting video games even better than my ex-roommate who drank Manhattans while yelling at children on WOW. If you like cocktails and dancing, this is your place.

Did I miss your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

Photo of Same Nightclub by Jesse Milns

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