Sensorium toronto

Sensorium's big white dome is a feast for the senses

Just in time for TIFF, Sensorium has popped up in a dome erected at King and Brant, and its sold-out run will take place between September 10th until September 27th. Bringing a dash of cinematic panache to Toronto's dining scene, the immersive (heavily branded) dinner experience aims to offer a treat for every sense via a five course tasting menu.


The evening opens with a beer reception in a dome cast in starlight, which unsurprisingly brings all the cameras out for Instagram snaps.

Sensorium Toronto

As diners take their seats at long banquet tables, the dinner service commences as projections from filmmaker Jamie Webster transport diners from field to sea and beyond.

Sensorium Toronto

To open, Dr. Irwin Adam Eydelnant of Future Foods Studio presents edible clouds in flavours like caramel and citrus. Throughout the evening, aromatic infusions aspire to engage with our most primal sense, that of smell.

Sensorium Toronto

The menu from Michelin-starred Chicago chef Richie Farina opens with a salad course presented two ways. One is shovelled onto the plate, while the other offers the same flavours liquified and clarified then served shooter-style in test tubes.

Sensorium Toronto

The second course features scallops and poached halibut in a dish drawing inspiration from the sea. It's accompanied by coastal scents atomized throughout the room for a subtle and serene effect, while the projections illuminate the room with a crystallized salts that will make diners feel as though they're eating in an hourglass.

Sensorium Toronto

The soup course dubbed "hot sound" is presented by a live drumming performance that causes the broth to dance in the bowl. Nyles Miszczyk of Royal Mountain Records is credited with the sound production that sets the tone and amplifies the experience.

Sensorium Toronto

Once the drumming is over, guests are meant to add crispy rice noodles paired with jalape単os and bean sprouts to the broth before diving in.

Sensorium Toronto

Next is a the main entree inspired by woodsy thicketed nature. The dish is presented like a nest comprising braised beef cheek and mushrooms, and it arrives to the table under a cloche encasing a cloud of applewood smoke that diffuses throughout the room once lifted.

Sensorium Toronto

To finish, guests are presented with skewers of chocolate ganache and graham cracker encased in soft marshmallow.

Sensorium Toronto

Of course when the centrepieces are lit on fire, everyone already knows what to do.

This isn't just dinner but a collaboration of artistic disciplines, and the production value afforded by the beer brand sponsorship offers a truly unique and ephemeral experience that delivers on its promise to of being a multi-sensory feast.

Sensorium Toronto

Photos by Jesse Milns

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