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The 10 most outrageous food coming to the CNE in 2015

The CNE revealed its line-up of outrageous food items today in advance of the annual exhibition which kicks off on Friday. Like last year, these edibles are not for the faint of heart - the coronary inducing indulgences offer extreme interpretations on classic carnival fare, comfort foods, burgers and more.

Beyond the previously announced chicken waffles on a stick and cake poutine, here are 10 more outrageous foods to try at the CNE this summer.

Bub's Burgers
Bub's Badass Burgers in the Food Building gets creative with its beef patties. One version will see a spicy cheeseburger AND fried chicken sandwiched between Jamaican patties, while the "Sumo Burger" offers an Asian spin featuring two beef patties dressed with hoisin sauce, wasabi mayo and chow mein noodles on a sesame seed bun.

cne toronto

Poutine Balls
Buttery mashed potatoes stuffed with cheese curds, rolled in breadcrumbs then deep fried will be doused in Bavarian style gravy and more cheese curds at Vienna in the Food Building.

cne toronto

Coffee Doughnut Milkshake
How could Fran's (in the Food Building) top last year's Thanksgiving waffle? This year the diner will be blending coffee and doughnuts into a milkshake, dishing out chicken and waffles, and turning wholesome ol' rice pudding into a sinister deep fried dessert served with vanilla custard dip.

cne toronto

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese
Bacon Nation in The Food Building can always be counted on for a healthy dose of porky goodness. This year is no exception - find bacon strips weaved around a cheddar, mozzarella sandwich and served with sweet and spicy chili ketchup.

cne toronto

Baonana Split
This sweet steamed bun from Far East Taco in the Food Building is slathered with Nutella and loaded with sliced bananas, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and strawberry sauce with a cherry on top.

cne toronto

Red Velvet Oreos
Double stuffed Oreos dipped in red velvet batter take a bath in the deep fryer and are dusted with confectioner's sugar and finished with cream cheese icing. Get three per order at Deep Fried and The Funnel Cake Shop in the food building.

cne toronto

Garlic Snow Crab Fries
Jake's Lobster in the Food Building is serving up snow crab over a base of fresh cut fries finished with garlic aioli and fresh herbs.

cne toronto

Timbit Poutine
Cake poutine won't be the only dessert poutine at The Ex this year. This sweet take on the iconic Canadian street food comes courtesy of Tim Hortons. Available in the Food Building, the dish consists of timbits dressed up with toppings - one of several variations features French toast mini doughnuts dressed up with whipped cream and maple flakes.

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Bloomin' Apple
This new sweet hybrid bucks the trend of serving carnival foods on a stick and instead takes a classic caramel apple and slices it into a blossom. This easily shareable snack is served with a caramel and Nutella core. Available at Billbrooke Concessions in the Midway.

cne toronto

Deep Fried Cheesecake
Pickle Pete's in the Midway is serving up New York style cheesecake wrapped in a tortilla, deep fried and then sprinkled in cinnamon sugar and doused in chocolate syrup.

Which new food offering at the CNE are you most excited or repulsed about this year?

Photos by Jesse Milns

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