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The top 5 home brewing supply stores in Toronto

Home brewing supply stores in Toronto are turning the city's growing crowd of craft beer connoisseurs into brew masters in their own right. If you want to get in on the action, you'll need to start with some hops, malt, water and yeast - the four basic ingredients in all beers. For everything else you'll need, these stores have you covered.

Here are my picks for the top home brewing supply stores in Toronto.

Noble Hop
Although the art of home brewing can be a bit overwhelming for the uninitiated, the crew at Noble Hop are all about making it easier. Their super knowledgeable staff will answer even the most inane questions sans eye rolling. They also play host to some great events and hang-outs, like their 2015 summer brew series.

Brew North
This newly opened east end gem carries a huge variety of brewing accoutrement, including more than two dozen recipe kits - great for beginners or folks who prefer the tried and true brews over experimentation. If you're ready to venture beyond the kits, they'll also walk you through the store (literally) and help you pick the ingredients for your own unique brew.

Toronto Brewing Co.
If your head starts to spin while browsing the seemingly endless varieties of hops and malts available at Toronto Brewing, just ask someone who works there - the staff is extremely patient and helpful. On top of their dizzying selection of ingredients, this home brewer's playground also stocks some fantastic glassware and gear from local Ontario breweries.

The Brew Kettle
The Brew Kettle in Richmond Hill has developed a reputation as one of north Toronto's best onsite brewing facilities, but they also offer a nice variety of supplies if you want to take the job homeward. If you need help, owner Andy Bretton is hugely knowledgeable about all things brewed and fermented, and will guide you through the home brewing process step-by-step.

Soda Centre and Home Brewer's Retail
Zip over to Scarborough before you start your next batch and you're pretty much guaranteed to find everything you need and then some at Soda Centre. Better yet, they'll also special order almost anything you can't find in-store. And if you're looking for beer signs, taps and other brewing tchotchkes to jazz up your home bar, they've got that too.

What did I miss? Add your favourite brewing supply store to the comments.

Writing by Stacey Sleightholm

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