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The top 5 cookie delivery services in Toronto

Cookie delivery services in Toronto know what's up: every once in a while you'll find yourself craving cookies at the exact same time you don't feel like moving or leaving your apartment. (You could also be looking to send sweet treats to somebody special, but want to offload that job to someone else.)

While we anticipate that desserts of all kinds will be readily available via delivery services somewhere in the future - a prospect that's equally as enticing as the donut vending machine - we'll take the option to satisfy our communal sweet-tooth with some of the best cookies this city has to offer.

Here are my picks for the top cookie delivery services in Toronto.

Andee's Sweet Treats
Andee's Sweet Treats has maximized every opportunity to bring cookies to the people. Between their cookie delivery service, custom catering, and long- or short-term cookie subscription option, the home-run company can ensure you get your hands on those chewy chocolate chip cookies (or whichever kind suits your fancy) the moment your craving strikes.

Zelcovia Cookies
If you're looking for a last minute go-to for Valentine's Day, Zelcovia Cookies can make you a big cookie featuring a snapshot of you and your honey and deliver it right to your door. On top of their custom cookie designs, Zelcovia also offers cookiegrams, gift boxes, and jars of cookies available only by delivery.

Sweet Flour
Sweet Flour Bake Shop is best known for the create-your-own-adventure kind of cookie, but few know that they also provide cookies at your doorstep on the regular. Sweet Flour can send you special occasion items or just a ton of cookies for corporate and work events so work doesn't have to feel so much like work.

Special occasion cookies are Cookiegrams' bread and butter. Their signature Belgian chocolate chip cookie and custom art cookiegrams are available in bulk for large groups or smaller quantities to enjoy with your best buds and loved ones. And with their range of custom design options, it appears that a cookie can be dressed to suit any holiday (as it should be).

Pink Lemon Bakeshop
Vaughan's Pink Lemon is your kid-friendly option for cookie delivery services. The company runs a nut-free facility to ensure that those with allergies or school groups can enjoy custom cookies just as much as the next guy. Their cookies for delivery sell in bouquets, boxes, and by the dozen, so make sure you invite some friends along for the occasion.

Did I miss any? Leave your picks for cookie delivery services in Toronto in the comments.

Photo via Zelcovia on Facebook.

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