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The top 10 late night grilled cheese in Toronto

Late night grilled cheese sandwiches in Toronto let you enjoy some gooey goodness after last call. Sure, a grilled cheese may be manageable at home, but these restaurants (usually) make an extra effort to use more than Kraft slices and wonder bread. Plus, burning the edges while zoned out and watching TV is not a menu option.

Here are my picks for the top late night grilled cheese in Toronto.

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The 24-hour Lakeview is a hot spot for grilled cheese any time of day, but it's the wee hours that call out for the naughty Fromage A Trois - melted asiago, cheddar and havarti on whole wheat ($8.75).

Johnny Jackson
The Johnny Jackson has tons of late-night eats - their version of a grilled cheese, the Jackrabbit, is a triple-decker served with fries. You can eat this cheesy treat Monday, Tuesday, Thursday until 12, Wednesday until 2, and Friday and Saturday until 4 am.

The Thompson Diner
You have 24 hours at the Thompson to have a threesome - a Threesome Cheese Melt ($9.50) at the Diner, that is. The sandwich features cheddar, provolone and Swiss on toasted brioche; if you don't finish it there you could it take it home.

Markham Station
Mozzarella, monterey jack and cheddar on sourdough bread for $8.99? At family-style joint Markham Station, you can bite into that cheesy combo 24 hours a day.

The grilled cheddar on egg bread, with options to add Swiss, sautĂŠed onions, tomato or bacon, is an institution, just like Fran's itself. The locations at Yonge and College and Victoria and Shuter are both open 24 hours; you've got until 2am at the one at Yonge and Front.

Vesta Lunch
At the corner of Dupont and Bathurst stands something of a Toronto landmark - Vesta Lunch, which stays open 24 hours and serves all manner of classics. Their grilled cheese is old-school, particularly in price: $3.99 for the sandwich alone, $5.95 for deluxe.

7 West
University kids have long enjoyed 7 West at all hours for their grilled cheese, amongst other things. They can tuck themselves away at a table in the old Victorian house and chow down on a sandwich for $8.95, not too hard on the pocketbook. Add ham or bacon for $2 more.

Sneaky Dee's
"Dee's" is a long-standing Toronto favourite for Tex-Mex, but there are other gems on the late-night menu as well, like the classic grilled cheese for $6.75. Their late kitchen hours - they serve until 3am seven nights a week - will give you plenty of time to try one.

TAT Burger
TAT burger's got what they call a Cheesen sandwich, with grilled cheese (and ham) on white with a side pickle. They are open Monday through Wednesday until midnight, Thursday, Friday and Saturday until 3am, Sundays, just till 10.

It may be a distance from the downtown party scene but there are plenty of late-night folk heading out to Mississauga to Zet's Express on Airport Road for their 24-hour service and grilled cheese at the low, low price of $4.25.

Photo of Johnny Jackson by Jesse Milns.

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