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The best and worst No Frills in Toronto

The best and worst No Frills in Toronto all provide discount groceries, but sometimes the price cuts just aren’t worth the bruises. Old fruit, decaying meat, and inaccessible aisles tend to overshadow the occasional deal on cans of No Name kidney beans. 

Here are the best and worst No Frills locations in Toronto. 


Dundas and Lansdowne

Peter's No Frills is undoubtedly the best location n the city. Clean and big, it's equipped with almost every service you could want, from a butcher's counter and a seafood counter to a pharmacy and cheese bar. This yellow-topped grocery can rival your local Loblaws any day. 

Carlaw and Gerrard

After some recent upgrades, Dave and Charlotte's large No Frills is way easier to navigate than before. Best part: they now have a liquor section that stocks some pretty good – albeit warm – IPAs. 

Royal York and Mimico

It gets pretty busy here, and for good reason. Mario and Selina's No Frills is usually well-stocked despite being smaller than other spots on this list and parking is dependably convenient: perfect for the burgeoning number of locals in the Mimico area. 

Dufferin Mall

Say what you will about Suffering Mall, shopping at Joe's No Frills is a far less painful experience than its counterparts. Newly renovated and just steps from Dufferin station, you'll be treated to spacious aisles and a great place to snag some deals if you beat everyone else to it. 


Vic Park and St. Clair

Sorry Tom, people complain that the No Frills here isn't always the cleanest nor convenient. Meats could be fresher, and aisles feel cramped, making for a less than ideal shopping experience. 


Since it's right opposite the subway station, Nicholson's No Frills gets expectedly busy, but sometimes it all just gets too much. Comparing it to sardines in a tin can is generous: at least sardines don't have to shop for groceries. 

Dixie Mall

Despite undergoing some renovations, Chris and Stacey's doesn't feel like it's getting any more organized. There seem to be rarely enough cashiers running, resulting in very off-putting line ups, especially on weekends. 

Parliament and Carlton 

Cosimo, what's going on with this aisle situation? This tiny No Frills gets packed with disgruntled customers who are likely feeling a little miffed by the less than stellar produce. Plus there's no deli or dollar store: it just can't compare to the quality of No Frills we've come to expect.

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