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A holiday gift guide for the Toronto food lover

Still searching for the perfect gift for a food lover on your list? I asked a host of Toronto chefs and food industry members to share the top entries on their wish lists this year in hopes it'll stir up a little shopping inspiration. From obscure gadgets to crucial (and beautiful) items like the classic chef's knife, there's something for every home chef.

Here are holiday gift ideas for the food lover on your list.

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Top-end tools of the trade like, kitchen knives from Tosho Knife Arts are a highly coveted gift by Sean Riehl of Seven Lives. Andrew Richmond of La Carnita and Home of the Brave takes the common chef-obsession even further with plans to gift his staff custom pocket knives... and TIL: don't mess with his staff 'cause they're all going to be packin' in 2014.

Obscure Kitchen Gadgets
Chef Michael Leary of Mildred's Temple Kitchen wants a Flessenlikker, a Dutch tool that "any thrifty chef could appreciate". Translated from Dutch, it literally means "jar licker" and is a purposefully designed spatula meant to get every last drop from narrow-nosed bottles. Meanwhile The Steady's Vanessa Robak wants an OCD Chef Cutting Board.

Bespoke Aprons
Melissa da Silva, co-owner and chef at Me & Mine is wishing for a Toronto-made Blunt Roll Apron. Let's just hope Santa got the memo early, because each apron is hand-made to order from 100% cotton denim and genuine washable leather, so they take about two weeks once commissioned (sorry last-minute shoppers).

Artisanal Edibles
Steven Hellmann of Foodies on Foot hopes to replenish his pantry this season with a collection of jams from Kitten and the Bear. "Hands down, the best jams in the city... I use these jams on everything from sandwiches to scones."

Serious Pots & Pans
Eric Woods of Beverley Hotel notes that he "always gets a bevy of kitchen gadgets from a distant relative (like a slap chop or something) and never with any sense of irony." What he really wants is a matching set of pots, ideally (if Santa is feeling generous) this 12 piece set in copper from Mauviel.

Bar Accessories
Abbey Sharp, owner of Abbey's Kitchen is hoping to be gifted an Absinthe Fountain like the one from BYOB. "Because how bad ass would this make my bar?"

Photo from our review of Tosho Knife Arts

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