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The top 10 cheap wines at the LCBO

Cheap wine at the LCBO might get a bad rep, and it's not wholly unwarranted. We've all tried not to break our budgets for great taste, but ended up with something that's less of a drink and more of an expensive vinegar.

While anything under $15 can be a gamble, there are great, refreshing wines out there at that price-point that will suit your palate.

Not all cheap wine is made for everyone, but there is definitely a cheap wine for you out there, waiting to be discovered.

Here are my picks for the cheapest decent wines at the LCBO.

Canyon Road Chardonnay, $9.95

Based in California's Alexandra Valley, this is a relatively inoffensive wine that's both smooth and flavourful. At $9.95 a bottle, this is a great go to for anyone who isn't super into wine. You'll get both the flavour and aroma of pear with hints of baked apple.

Golden Coast White VQA, $9.95

This winery is located near Lake Ontario's Fruit Belt, so that means peaches, nectarines, pears and (most importantly) grapes are here in abundance. This blend includes riesling, vidal, muscat and chardonnay, so it has a good balance of sweetness.

L'Orangeraie Rose Pays D'OC, $12.00

A French rose that's both light and dry, the taste of this wine is a little more floral than fruity with a hint of citrus. It won't hit the sweetness you typically associate with rose, but you’ll get some berry from the aroma. This is a great apéritif or to be enjoyed with seafood or anything vegetal.

Casal Garcia Vinho Verde DO, $10.05

This Portuguese wine feels a little like a cider. It's yeasty, herbal with some citrus notes that make for a crisp and refreshing drink. Even though it has a relatively low alcohol percentage, it's got a good amount of body and is great for a summer day.

Fish Hoek Shiraz, $10.95

A smokey red with a nice subtle spicy, this is a great summer red wine with floral and berry notes. A fair trade wine from the Western Cape, this shiraz is dry, medium-bodied with a dessert-like subtly and has a soft tannin finish.

Barone Montalto Nero D'Avola Cabernet Ter Sicilane IGT, $10.00

The deep red/violet colour of this Sicilian Cabernet Sauvignon is a well-balanced wine with roasty notes of coffee and chestnut. It makes for a great dinner wine as it doesn't overwhelm you and has a long, smooth finish.

Passo Del Sud Appassimento, $11.90

This toasty wine is made with the appassimento technique — which means drying the grapes to increase their sugar levels. This helps give this wine a more lush and full-bodied drink. It has a lush dessert-like flavour of smokey chocolate, vanilla and plum with some coffee and licorice in the nose.

Robertson Winery Chenin Blanc, $10.45

Another great summer-sipping wine, this Western Cape Chenin Blanc from the Breede River Valley balances its acidity very well. It has layers of pear, apple and citrus that provide just enough flavour and make for a white that's not too light and very refreshing.

Fresh Beginnings Moscato VQA, $12.95

A Niagara white that's a good crowd-pleaser, this Moscato makes for a light and refreshing drink. Combining a nice dryness with notes of peach, citrus and honey, it's definitely worth the relatively higher price point.

Long Weekend Wine Co.Chardonnay Pinot Grigio VQA, $12.95

This Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio blend comes with a little more body and is fairly dry. It has a crisp, acidic bite that balances out with lingering pear flavours and bright pops of citrus. It goes great served with a lighter dinner dish or fresh summer fruits.

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