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9 awesome almond milk cappuccinos in Toronto

For the lactose-intolerant coffee aficionado who enjoys cappuccinos on a regular basis, the lack of choice for milk alternatives to facilitate this consumption can be frustrating. Lactose-free milk tastes similar to regular milk but isn't always a suitable substitute for really sensitive stomachs, and soy milk completely changes the flavour of the coffee. Thankfully, almond milk - a lighter and mild tasting alternative - has been popping up at cafes across the city with increasing regularity. Unfortunately, for baristas, almond milk is much more finicky to work with compared to regular milk due to its lower fat content, and not every coffee shop has taken the time to learn how to work with this difference.

Once mastered though, the combination of high quality espresso and perfectly steamed almond milk makes for a truly unique cappuccino that everyone should experience. Here are my picks for the best places to get a quality almond milk cappuccino in Toronto.

Crema (all locations)
Crema's almond milk cappuccinos are made with their 49th Parallel espresso blend and unsweetened almond milk. At any of their four locations you can expect a consistently bold-flavoured cappuccino made with perfectly foamed unsweetened almond milk and a rich, velvety foam.

Manic Coffee
Here, an almond milk cappuccino is made from a single shot of Intelligentsia coffee and creamy steamed unsweetened almond milk that is served in an adorable branded cup. This cappuccino is mild in flavour and goes down smoothly. This cappuccino pairs especially well with one of their hazelnut and chocolate croissants that are baked in-house.

Little Nicky's
Little Nicky's takes a no-nonsense approach to their cappuccinos. Almond milk cappuccinos made for stay-in visits are served in small clear glasses. The almond milk complements their fantastic espresso and hits you immediately upon your first sip. It's hard to resist adding an order of their tiny homemade donuts.

Merchants of Green Coffee
Despite its relatively remote location, Merchants of Green is always worth the visit. Their espresso has a hint of sweetness to it and is fantastic with the unsweetened almond milk that they use. This exceptionally smooth cappuccino needs no added sugar as it's perfect on its own.

Mylk Uncookies
Mylk Uncookies does many things well, and making their own almond milk from scratch is at the top of the list. The almond milk cappuccino comes in a generous cup, almost resembling a latte but the slightly sweet almond milk combined with a pleasantly mild espresso make it a worthwhile treat. Ordering an Empowered or Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie (both made in-house) is highly recommended.

CafĂŠ Pamenar
Located slightly south of College on Augusta, almond milk cappuccinos here are guaranteed to deliver a strong caffeine kick with their bold and slightly bitter espresso. Made with expertly steamed unsweetened almond milk, this dark cappuccino can be enjoyed on its own or with a little sugar for those who prefer a slightly milder coffee.

The Grind House
Just a few doors down from CafĂŠ Pamenar, the Grind House offers a lighter-tasting almond milk cappuccino thanks to the use of sweeter almond milk and a slightly bigger serving size. The end result is a smooth-tasting cappuccino with a pleasant aftertaste that always tempts me to order another.

Jimmy's Coffee
The coffee at Jimmy's is good, and their almond milk cappuccinos are even better. Tucked away on Portland just north of King, the cafe has a casual neighbourhood feel and this carries through with their almond milk cappuccino offering - a simple, strong espresso that's well balanced with steamed almond milk and foam.

R-squared Cafe
Near Queen and Palmerston, R-squared has earned a reputation for serving high-quality coffee. Almond milk enhances, rather than overpowers the espresso in their cappuccino. With lots of seating, free WiFi, and a wide range of sandwiches and baked goods to choose from, it's also an ideal location to linger and get some work done.

Writing by Alison Ku

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