Hong Kong style Western food

10 restaurants to eat Hong Kong style Western food in Toronto

Restaurants to eat Hong Kong-style Western food are where you'll find fusion favourites like cheese-baked spaghettis and Hong Kong-style French toast. Melding Cantonese and Western cuisine, you'll find lunch specials here, plus cups of quintessential Hong Kong-style milk tea. 

Here are my picks for the top restaurants for Hong Kong-style Western food in Toronto.


This popular Chinese chain has locations in Markham and Scarborough, plus a restaurant at Yonge and Dundas. Specializing in Cantonese food fused with Malaysian and the occasional Taiwanese flavour, Phoenix also does Canto-Western fare like buttery pineapple buns and milk tea. 

Marathon Cafe

The award-winning owners of Marathon Donuts and Coffee Shop also run this restaurant on East Beaver Creek. Along with their famous Hong Kong-style milk tea, they serve dishes like baked rice, bowls of macaroni soup and fish cutlets.

Ming’s Noodle

A popular Canto-Western diner, this cafe on Kennedy is just steps from PMall and offers all the usual Hong Kong favourites like set lunches and dinners of ham and toast or milk teas to accompany their thick bricks toasts.

Hong Kong Bistro Cafe

Located in Chinatown, this has been a longtime go-to for nearby residents looking for cheap meal options. Best known for their selection of baked dishes – like pork chops on rice covered with tomato sauce – their meals are affordable for the size. 

New City Restaurant

This spot on Kennedy road offers fries with a side of crispy, fried chicken wings, a staple in Canto-Western cuisine, and like most other restaurants of its kind, serves a complimentary bowl of Hong Kong-style borscht soup as a starter.

Food Kingdom

Tucked away inside Scarborough's Splendid China Tower, you can try simple meals of egg sandwiches with luncheon meat and shrimp fried toasts here for low prices.

Dickens Cafe

The best thing about this Richmond Hill restaurant is how comfy it is: it's much cleaner than some other Canto-Western diners while still serving the usual afternoon tea specials. 


Head to the second floor of Dragon City in Chinatown and you'll find this little cafe that has everything from spaghetti to ham and egg sandwiches, accompanied by Hong Kong-style borscht and two pieces of complimentary garlic bread. 

Pine House Cafe

With better quality Hong Kong-style dishes than usual, this spot at the corner of Steeles and Middlefield has a tiny menu but its cubed French toast is super unique – worth a try if you're looking for something beyond regular brick toast. 

Tasty Delight

This Ravel Road restaurant used to be called Leslie Cafe before undergoing renovations. Though not the cheapest on the list, it's long been a reliable spot for a good cup of Hong Kong-style milk tea and servings of baked spaghetti. 

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Hector Vasquez at Phoenix Cafe

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