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10 Toronto sub spots not named Subway or Mr. Sub

Places to eat subs in Toronto usually don't offer much in the way of ambiance. For whatever reason, independent sub joints — in their never-ending quests to compete with the Subways, Mr. Subs, and Quiznos in the city — have let ambiance fall to the wayside in favour of attention to food. Which, actually, is probably a good thing. While these places aren't reinventing the wheel when it comes to classic sub-making, they do offer delicious alternatives to some of Toronto's sub big boys. And you can never go wrong with a supremely cheap Bánh Mì. Here are 10 places to eat subs in Toronto.

Belly Buster Submarines, 3447 Yonge St (416.489.6051)
Belly Buster arguably the king of indie sub joints, reigning over the Yonge and Lawrence area with its gravy-on-a-sub masterpieces. The place is swarmed late at night — especially on weekends — with bacon-minded sub enthusiasts waiting for some belly bustin'. Must order bacon.

A-Submarine, 565 Sherbourne Street (416.924.5317)
Its terribly unoriginal name can be forgiven if only for its extremely late hours and great value. A-Submarine at Sherbourne and Bloor is a great after-the-bar spot for typical cold cut, chicken, and meatball subs. Rarely a 2 a.m. lineup.

New York Subway, 520 Queen St W (416.703.4496)
While New York Subway is known foremost for its burritos, it does, indeed have subs, true to its name. Somewhat newly renovated, the Queen West shop has a good selection of grilled subs including lamb, chicken, beef, and shrimp. Prepare to wait, though, especially around lunchtime.

Grillway Souvlaki House, 523 Annette Street (416.761.1811)
Grillway Souvlaki House has a fantastic assortment of different sub options for a place that also offers souvlaki, and pizza, and burgers, and breakfast. The Annette and Runnymede restaurant makes both hot and cold subs, including BBQ pork, roast beef, philly steak, and souvlaki subs. Most footlong subs are under $9.

Pizza Flora, 167 Roncesvalles Ave (416.588.4500)
Pizza Flora is Roncesvalles' answer to independent subs. Pizza is the mainstay, of course, but hot and cold subs are, too, on the menu. There are lots of parmigiana options including meatball, sausage, eggplant, and chicken, as well as cold chicken cutlet, turkey breast, and ham and cheese.

Tung Hing Bakery, 353 Broadview Ave (416.465.9103)
Tung Hing is a Chinese bakery that makes all sort of Vietnamese Bánh Mì (subs) fresh daily. Using homemade sauces and pate, the shop makes unbelievably cheap sandwiches of honey grilled pork, ham and sausage, grilled chicken, veggies, and more. The bakery, which has a few locations in the GTA, also takes special orders.

Bon's Submarine, 406 Queen St W (416.504.6715)
Toronto's sub spot that time forgot. If the blue sign lined with light bulbs isn't enough to draw you in, the unchanged sense of nostalgia will put you in its seats. Bon's makes everything from gyro to poutine and burgers, but those who have been going there for decades say it's generally best to stick with the classic cold cut sub.

Golden Pizza, 1201 Broadview Ave (416.425.3787)
An East York pizza parlour to avoid if on a diet but to flock toward if looking for something fast and filling. The subs here come particularly cheap with most under $7, the exception being Golden's Pizza's tuna salad and chicken salad subs. Other options — for dine-in, take-out, or delivery — include roast beef, corned beef, meatball, and turkey.

Super Submarine, 2858 Dundas St W (416.762.9849)
Not the most charming-looking shop to grace the Junction area but a neighbourhood staple nonetheless. Marked by its ostentatiously orange sign, Super Submarine at the corner of Keele and Dundas offers pretty great value with some classic subs available for six or seven dollars and change. All the typical sandwich options including chicken, roast beef, and cold cuts.

Banh Mi Ba Le, 538 Dundas St W (416.977.2168)
Banh Mi Ba Le is one of the best places in Toronto to get a Vietnamese-style sub with the change left in your pocket. Customers constantly pop in and out to grab one of the shop's shredded chicken, cold cut, tofu, or other freshly made subs, all of which are offered with freshly grated vegetables. You can probably get three subs here for the cost of one anywhere else.

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