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Every restaurant in Parkdale

Every restaurant in Parkdale (and other food blogs)

Every day, people all across Toronto decide to go public with the news that they have joined the ranks of the most loathsome and have decided to operate their own food blogs. Indeed, if there's anything worse than watching someone take a picture of his or her own plate out in public, please let me know. The blogs listed below, however, have got it down right. They have each found a niche, a focus, a purpose, making their food blogs worthy reads for Torontonians looking for certain types of restaurant insight. Check out the pages below for worthy restaurant reads.

Every Restaurant in Parkdale

Blogger Daniel Ehrenworth has vowed to try out every restaurant (well, every restaurant with a 'Pass' from Toronto Public Health) in his beloved Parkdale neighbourhood within a year's time. Ambitious, I know. As a side note, I wonder how much Pepto Bismol one can also safety ingest in the span of a year...? In any case, Ehrenworth chronicles his visits to Old Man Pizza and Wings, Bacchus Roti Shop, and other Parkdale joints, commenting on the food, dĂŠcor, and service from the perspective of a self-described "completely unqualified restaurant reviewer." Often with his fiancĂŠ, Jessica, and friends along for the ride, Ehrenworth gives each restaurant a rating out of five. So far, Roncy's Cherry Bomb Coffee has been the only place to get a perfect score.

Tasting Toronto on Wheels

Twenty-something journalist Marlene Benedicto blogs from the perspective of a "foodie on wheels" writing about her experiences at out various Toronto restaurants in her wheelchair. Tasting Toronto on Wheels sheds light on accessibility, an issue usually ignored or glazed over in mainstream restaurant reviews. Not afraid to give a bad review, Benedicto gives Sierra Grill a thumbs down for poor service and her "regretful" chicken marsala, but Beerbistro wins her over with its mussels and helpful staff. Benedicto also has a page of tips for people with accessibility issues who are looking to try out new Toronto restaurants.

Spice City

Sarah Efron's Spice City is all about finding those goldmine ethnic strip mall restaurants, and I'm sure we all appreciate her taking one for the team when it doesn't turn out so well. Efron scours Toronto and the GTA in search of great food finds, and come out on top with her $2 Vietnamese sandwiches found in Chinatown and butter chicken wraps from Eastern Twist at Bathurst and St. Clair. Besides checking out Toronto's Japanese Mall, Chae's Chester Chicken Express, and other Toronto joints waiting to be discovered, Efron includes hilarious, miscellaneous entries such as her March post on confusing and wonderful signs found inside some of the restaurants she's visited.

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