Steam Whistle Offering Expensive Home Delivery

Steam Whistle Brewing has launched a new delivery service, dropping off cases or draught kegs of their pilsner for customers around the GTA.

For a $45 delivery charge, fans of the Toronto beer can have a minimum of three 24 cases or one 30 litre keg delivered to their front door with 50 cups, ice, education on the proper pouring techniques as well as pick-up.

When I first learned about this service, I thought it was very expensive. After a quick look into beer services, I have found that the option is good if you want to order a keg...if you are going for the cases, you might want to think otherwise.

If you are looking to offer/have a variety of beer, going to a local beer store or LCBO and getting to choose from a large selection of bevies and hopping into a cab will cost far less than what they are charging. 3 bags of ice and a sleeve of cups will cost me at most $10.

Heck, if I was really desperate, I would call Dial A Bottle Toronto and pay their minimum service charge of $7. I am not sure how far in advance you need to place your order, but with iDial-A-Bottle, I only need 1 hour for delivery. But alas, they don't deliver kegs.

If you do want the keg, the costs aren't too bad. If you purchase a keg from the Beer Store, you have to make a jaunt out to a distribution centre (Brampton is the closest one - yikes!) or inquire with your local store to see if they have any on hand. I am guessing you have to drop it off as well, which is time plus cab fare (I can't image carrying the thing on the TTC). You also have to pay a $15 tap cleaning fee.

The beer education also may make it worthwhile and interesting. However, I like to think that many of us that drink beer have probably seen enough bartenders pour a pint or two.

I personally don't think this service interests me, even if I was a diehard Steam Whistle fan. If I was hosting a party, and wanted to serve some brew, I sure wouldn't just offer one type of beer and that is what I feel this service is making me do.


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