Which Dish Would You Most Miss?

I've been staying in Oslo since May and there are so many things about Toronto that I miss, however, the thing I miss most is the food (sorry friends and family!). Sure, Oslo has the best Kebab I have ever tasted and I have a whole new appreciation for the beefy meat of a whale, but how long can I go with out a good bowl of pho or a slice from Massimos. Here is a list, in no particular order, of the food that I will consume almost as soon as I deplane.

Pho Hung
I love the vermicelli noodle bowl with all the different kinds of pork. It's fresh and fit for the summer. Pho Hung is kind for serving the standard Spadina green tea iced during the summer, but I might have to order one of their delicious sparkling lemonades to fight the heat (I hear its a little warm in Toronto right now).

Sushi on Bloor or Sushi Island
It will be hard to pick which one to go to-- they both have dishes that they do best. This decision will become even harder if I find that New Generation has opened up again. If I hit Sushi Island, I will make sure to get some of the brown rice maki. Sushi on Bloor can deliver me the sushi pizza and I will feel a little less guilty than usual when I eat it.

Aunties and Uncles
Some fresh OJ, a short and strong iced latte, and a breakfast pocket will do me nicely. Disclaimer : I worked there for almost five years, certainly long enough to nurture a dangerous dependency to the above consumables. If I'm lucky I will get to make my own latte.

Beer. Maybe a Fruli to start (if it's hot enough and I'm feeling secure in my masculinity). If they still have some Erdinger on tap, I'll take that too. If not, gimme a stock ale. Why do they taste so much better at Ronnie's?

Yung Sing Bakery
I'll just walk in with my eyes closed and pick five things at random. How can I lose? After Oslo prices, buying Yung Sing's inexpensive food will feel like getting it for free.

European Meats
How can such a good hamburger cost only a few quarters more than the daily special at Burger King? Maybe I don't want to know.

I know I'm forgetting about a dozen other places, but I'm getting hungry and thinking about the best food that I can't have is just not fair. I don't get home until mid-August and now that I've made this list the three weeks left seem like three months. If you make it to these places first, I don't want to hear anything about it.

What food would you miss most if you left Toronto?

(Photo Credit - newyork808 / Sun Brockie)

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