No Soup For You!

So the Soup Nazi is coming to town.

Al Yeghaneh, the gentle-man (loosely coined) whom the infamous Seinfeld "Soup Nazi" episode owes its fame to, is opening up shop in Toronto. In the back of this week's NOW classifieds is a want ad for "The Original SoupMan" shop.

Here's what the ad says:

"Decades before being parodied on Seinfeld, the Original SoupMan enticed New Yorkers and food critics alike with his delectable offerings. Now at long last the same soup will be available in Canada. The Original SoupMan is looking for highly motivated, hard working, positive individuals with a passion for providing top quality customer service as we open Toronto Eaton Centre. Strong communication and organizational skills are a must. Experience in high volume environment is preferred...

"...We are currently hiring Manager, Assistant Manager and Full and Part Time Service Positions. Excellent wages, benefits, incentives and advancement opportunities are available. If you think you share out passion for great soup and you've got what it takes, please email or send you resume to:"

No opening date yet. Headquarters are based in Ottawa. Is Stephen Harper behind this scheme?

It was about this time last year I travelled to NYC for the first time. I did all the touristy kinds of things including taking a bus tour of spots where TV and movies were filmed. One stop included the Soup Kitchen at 259A West 55th St. The guide said that Mr. Yeghaneh decides when he wants to open. One day but not the next. Spring, but not fall.

Reading the job post makes me wonder how he could condone such friendliness in the ad. Apparently he's already stinking rich, but I guess this would definitely send him hibernating with loot bags for sure. Could you imagine him at a corporate conference meeting? He'd end up saying, "Bah!" a million times to all these suits pitching him soup ideas!

And would his recipes really be revealed to the public as a food operator chain? Or maybe these are just imposter concoctions (similar to all of Toronto's sushi joints that seem to be run by the Chinese...the golden cat with the pawing motion is a dead giveaway). Would staff try and be gestapos to soup customers? Cause, really, as good as the goods may be, it's missing its kick without the yelling of "No soup for you!"

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