Sunny Dragon Makes It Hard to Focus

Last night, instead of heading to the Green Room (ie. my 2nd home) for the 4th time this week, or letting myself indulge in all-you-can-eat pierogie Wednesdays at Future's (just roll me home), I put my foot down and demanded to try something new. In other words, I whined to my best friend that I wanted to do something different already.

And so, we went walking on Bloor West in search of a place we'd never tried before. Crossing Bathurst, we came upon the site of the old Annex McDonalds, months ago gone out of biz and now a Korean/Chinese restaurant called Sunny Dragon. Our curiousity to see if it still reeked of Big Macs got the best of us. We went in.


First things first, they've cleaned up nicely. The place has been completely refurnished with Asian-style privacy booths/dividers and new tables and chairs -- not bolted to the flooring.

We are seated in the middle somewhere, with a TV screen in any direction we looked. 10 minutes later, prompted by the waitress, we have to admit that we haven't decided yet.

Truth being that we hadn't even looked at the menus 'cause we were too distracted by the wildly funny Korean show on TV. As competiting teams of young celebs jousted, made fun of each other, and wrestled each other while hopping on one foot (pictured above) in some sort of big competition, we found ourselves in hysterics without even fully understanding any of the dialogue.

Eventually, disciplinging ourselves a bit we got to the menu and trieid to decide on our order. There seemed to be a few Chinese dishes though they'd been altered a bit, but mainly it was Korean classics like kimchi and such. I asked about the bento boxes (Japanese?) but was told they weren't available right now. Alright, back to the menu.


Most of the options are large shareable portions so we ended up ordering two dishes and an appetizer: Fried tofu with vegetables, beef with mushrooms and greens and some steamed veggie potstickers.

All were good, particularly the tofu and veggies. The tofu was still in tact, not overfried and spongey, and the sauce was delicious. The potstickers were good and we had a good laugh over the cabbage that came with them... which seemed like it had a squirt of hot sauce on it, but it turned out to be ol' fashioned ketchup, fitting of this locale.

Complimentary pickled veggies and other korean side dishes were also brought, complimentary, along with green tea.

I wish I could say more, but again, SO distracted by the programming. All in all, it was not a place for great conversation, but if that show is on weekly, I'd suggest a visit on a Wednesday night.

If you're curious as to what happened to the big front McD's counter... well, it retained it's old form, but is quite snazzy now:


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