Steaks & the City: Part Two - Harbour Sixty

Part two in a four part series.

To shell out big, but to get the biggest bang for the steak buck, it's Harbour Sixty. I've been unspeakably lucky to have been treated to dinner there a few times, and I even ventured out for dinner on my own wallet once.

When I'm asked to recommend the best steakhouse in town, it is Harbour Sixty without hesitation.

Why? First of all, the experience. It is the biggest throwback to the vision of an old-school classic steakhouse. It is complete with massive dark leather club chairs which requires assistance to get in and out of due to the sheer bulk and oversized bellowing velvety window coverings.

Everything is BIG. Big restaurant. Big furnishings. Big portions. Big steaks.

There are some puzzling touches, too. For instance, some of the semi-private rooms have wallpaper to look like there is framed artwork hanging on a faux stone wall. And just to mess with the mind some more, there is also


actual framed arwork to blend in with the wallpapered artwork. Strange.

This visit, the room where we are having dinner has a very BIG arrangement of flowers sitting on the window sill. Unfortunately, there are quite a number of lilies in the arrangement and the smell overpowers some of us at the table. It is so strong that it messes with my palate a bit. Thankfully, I have no plans of having anything subtle for dinner.

Speaking of dinner, I start off with what I like to call the Radioactive Shrimp Cocktail (market price). It's recognizable in the sense that there are four shrimp draped off of a cocktail dish with the sauce in the middle. But get a load of the size of these crazy shrimp. Other appetizers include Smoked Salmon ($15.95), Ahi Tuna ($19.95), as well as various salads including the Caesar ($11.95), Beefsteak Tomato and Roquefort ($11.95) and Buffalo Mozzarella ($14.95).

It takes me a while to work my way through the shrimp. By the time my 14oz Rib Eye ($45.95 - other steaks range from $39.95 for the 10oz Filet Mignon to the Double Porterhouse for Two for $99) is in front of me, my stomach is already feeling pretty full. I try to ignore my tummy and tuck in. It is packed with flavour, oh so tender and grilled to rare, as ordered. It is a big portion and I'm only able to get through a third of it. I know from my previous visits that a doggy bag will net at least a couple of more meals from the leftovers.

Maybe it doesn't make sense to be thinking about dessert when I couldn't even finish my main meal. But Harbour Sixty's Molten Chocolate Cake ($12.95) is unparalleled. It is served with vanilla bean ice cream and when the fork breaks open the cake, the dark chocolate flows out like a chocolate molten lava. It's worth going there just for this dessert. They also have Baked Alaska for Two ($14.95) and the Harbour Sixty Souffle ($14.95).

It's a big night out. But if I'm going literally for broke, I'll do it at Harbour Sixty.

More (affordable) steaks to come for the following two Wednesdays.

Interior image courtesy of the Harbour Sixty website.

Harbour Sixty
60 Harbour St.

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