Steak & the City: Part Three - Steak Options

Part three in a four part series.

Steaks are everywhere. While I've been focusing mostly on steakhouses, great steaks can be found in some unexpected places.

First up, House of Chan. Yes, a Chinese restaurant. But there have been raves about their steaks. And they must be doing something right because they've been around for over 50 year. How many other restaurants (or indeed many of us...) can say they're half a century old?

Their steaks range from $39.50 (10oz Filet Mignon, 12oz New York Sirloin & 12oz Rib Eye) to $49.50 (16oz NY Sirloin). Also available are the 14oz Tenderloin ($47.95), 24oz Porterhouse ($48.95) and the mega (I'm assuming to share) 42oz Porterhouse. Surf n' turf it with the ginger and onion lobster and heck, start with a Wonton Soup ($4.75).

The Tulip feels like a diner or a cafeteria. The lighting is harsh. The wall colours are vibrant. The noise levels can likely be measured in the higher decibels. Yet, there are almost always line-ups out the door during peak times. Their steaks are good, but their prices are even better.

Where else is it possible to order a 14oz T-Bone complete with baked or mashed potatoes, cole slaw and rings of raw onions (!?) for around $20? Not enough? How about their 24oz Porterhouse for approximately $25? Chase all that affordable steak down with some homemade pie.

No one leaves the Tulip hungry. And no one leaves feeling ripped off.

Now for the identity of the mysterious steak at the top of this post: the Flat Iron Steak at Crush Wine Bar. They have a new menu and the Flat Iron is no longer available, BUT it is an option on their Winterlicious menu. Not only is this steak butterly tender, it is actually topped with a pat of herbed butter! (Remind me sometime to talk about my theory that butter makes everything warm taste better.) I definitely plan on paying my respects to the Flat Iron during Winterlicious. But thankfully, the appetizer Steak Tartare ($15) has survived the axe.

More steak talk to come next Wednesday for the final installment of Steak & the City. And next week, I'll try to actually post ON Wednesday.

House of Chan - 876 Eglinton Ave. W. - 416-781-5575
The Tulip - 1606 Queen St. E. - 416-469-5797
Crush Wine Bar - 455 King St. W. - 416-977-1234

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