So fresh, their chopsticks are green.

I hear your subliminal grumblings. They haunt me as I search for my dinner. You are waiting for a non-sushi-related posting. And on the 7th day, it was done.

This Easter weekend I was a little too generous with the chocolate kinder surprise and cadbury eggs, and so, a healthy meal was in order. Back out in the Annex, there was only one spot that was going to get me off the path to scurvy and back into the land of vitamins and antioxidants...

FRESH by Juice for Life.


Fresh (also with locations in Parkdale and Queen West Soho) is a vegan haven that I just keep coming back to, even since I gave up vegetarianism. These are the people that truly give tofu flavour. Unlike a lot of other vegetarian places or dishes, the menu doesn't pride itself on bland grass plates and veggie stock soups. Vegan food is what they DO at Fresh and as such have made an art out of doing it oh so well.

This time I went for the Budda Bowl (spicy thai peanut sauce w/ tofu, tomato, cucumber, bean sprouts, cilantro, herbs & spices) - my usual dish - and some cajun fries. Last time I was here, the chef overdid the fries/charcoal sticks but I figured it was worth another shot, and this time = Mmmm, much better.

My usually meat-loving friend orders up a Magic Tofu Wrap (tofu steaks w/ honey mustard mayo, tomato, lettuce, cucumber,
red onion, alfalfa sprouts & carrot in a w.wheat tortilla) which promptly casts its spell on her... she was so pleased with it, she actually let me have a taste (mmmm x2). I might just be tempted to give up my bowl next time for another 'magic' bite. ;)

We actually got so involved in our meals that we forgot to take a photo til it was all gone(see above shot)!


Now, if you're wondering about the wild drinks/shakes/elixers/juice concoctions) that Fresh is known for, we didn't actually order any. Instead we enjoyed the pitcher of fresh water with lemon that's brought(and always refilled) as soon as you settle in... 'cause even though the food is great, we can hardly afford extra $5 drinks since the menu prices went up a little while back. (Win some, lose some.)

Overall, it's worth a trip and if you've been as generous in adopting chocolate bunnies this weekend as I know you have, it's the perfect way to get back on track. Come to think of it, even if you've stayed off the chocs(liar!), head down anyways. It IS quite possibly the only spot on Bloor in the Annex where chopsticks doesn't = sushi.*

More info at

*If you are that desperate for sushi, I should note you can get some brown-rice vegan style sushi there - but don't.


Fresh - 521 Bloor St W (E of Bathurst), 416.531.2635

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