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Oomomo is a discount Japanese variety store that sells everything from houseware to beauty supplies, stationery, and snacks. 

This massive 13,000 square-foot store carries more than 15,000 types of products from popular Japanese dollar brands like Daiso and Seria, all costing around $2 to $3 on average. 

oomomo torontoOomomo, which translates to big peach in Japanese, is actually a Vancouver-based brand, though 95 per cent of its products are imported directly from Nippon. 

oomomo torontoAs with most Asian-style supermarkets, the likelihood is that you'll walk out of the store with something that you didn't know you needed. 

oomomo torontoA quick tour of the beauty supply section will reveal the type of products unbeknownst to Western markets, like double eyelid tape, or mascara-like wands for grey hair coverage—cool. 

oomomo torontoThough prices for certain things can range upwards of $10, you can assume that the items costs $2 if it doesn't have a price tag. 

oomomo torontoHighly popular items include the the disposable face masks worn throughout Asia. What started as a safeguard against smog and air pollution has become a fashion statement overseas, and are offered here in all shapes and sizes.

oomomo torontoIf you're buying for your home, it doesn't get much better than a trip through Oomomo's housewares section. The variety is ridiculous: find vacuum-sealed storage sacks and even hard-shelled laundry bags for your delicate bras (where has this been all my life?) 

oomomo torontoThere's also an extensive section by the cash register dedicated solely to Japanese ceramics, where you can stock your kitchen with small decorative plates and miso bowls.

oomomo torontoAn entire wall filled with plastic trays, bins, and organizers is both disheartening and delightful at the same time, for those who have a love-hate relationship with utility plastic.

oomomo torontoThere's the quintessential stationery section carrying notebooks, stationery, and origami paper.

oomomo torontoPlus there's an extensive gardening section that carries stuff like garden gloves, pots, and plastic flowers for arts and crafts.

oomomo torontoAnd of course, the snacks.

Find several aisles of candies, crackers, and rare treats like dorayaki pancakes filled with red bean.

oomomo torontoThey have you covered for all types of Japanese drinks, too.

oomomo torontoConsidering the number of unique items (at relatively low costs), you should prepare for lineups during peak hours, though for Japanophiles, the stock is worth the wait.

oomomo toronto

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