Metropolis Factory toronto

Metropolis Factory

Metropolis Factory is like its original shop in the Junction , but on steroids. This warehouse totals 7,000 square feet, with ample room for Metropolis' oversized antique finds and custom salvage creations.

metropolis living factory store toronto

This is Metropolis' second go at a factory store, having previously occupied a space over on Ripley Avenue by the South Kingsway. But issues with the landlord, says owner Phil Freire, motivated him and business partner (and sister) Maggie Gattesco to look for a new factory space. But despite the name, this shop will host little of the actual production work, instead serving as a retail spot to show off Metropolis' largest items.

metropolis living factory store toronto

Or, that's the plan in the long run. While this factory store on Edwin near Dupont and Dundas now fully up and running, it's still in a bit of a transitionary mode. The back room is waiting on some TLC and there are water issues that need to be addressed, and some of the odd sandblasting processes have been done on site.

metropolis living factory toronto

Needless to say, this space is "industrial" in the rawest sense of the word. No pretty finished hardwood floors or espresso bar right next door; this former generating facility resembles just that, and Phil shows off the incredible original power control board left over from its former days. It towers over the space, and in its shadow, Metropolis' finds seem to fit right in.

metropolis living factory store toronto

Much like the original store on Dundas, this shop offers a collection of vintage finds and custom creations using salvage materials. Phil takes me on a mini-tour of the space, pointing out a fantastic old Lyon & Healy harp case with tour dates printed on the side (late 1800's to 1921), and a collection of hanging lamps made from repurposed chicken feeders (turned upside down).

metropolis living factory store toronto

Sitting in the middle of the space is a 12-foot wood dining table with a salvage base from the 1920's, a piece Phil says weighs upwards of 800lbs. "We have to get this thing up stairs to get it to the client," he says. "Yeah, we haven't quite figured out how we're going to do that."

metropolis living factory store toronto

For a smaller taste of old industrial, Phil shows off his collection of reproduction antique workshop stools, priced at $175 each. "Basically all of our work is done here in Canada," he says. "We're working with a select few Mennonite communities, as well as individual craftsman."

metropolis living factory store toronto

Phil says he hopes the space can serve double duty as a store, and event venue in the evenings. "I've love to put an coffee bar in there," he says, motioning toward the power board, "and use this area for art shows." In true Metropolis fashion, it's all about the repurposing.

Photos by Gloria Nieto

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