Green Design Studio

GREEN Design Studio

GREEN Design Studio is a family painting company gone big time. They just opened this past summer, and they're already a standout addition to Liberty Village .

Co-founder Miranda Cervini told me a little more about the not-so-little (2500+ sq. ft) store with big plans.

All photographs courtesy of Patrick Smith .

Green Design Studio entrance

Who are the people behind Green Design Studio?

My husband and I are equally involved in Green Design Studio. My husband has many years experience within the industry: managing a successful family business of painting and contracting. Over the past 25 years in the painting industry we have seen the effects of what harmful chemicals can do to people and how indoor air quality can be compromised by products within the home.

Green Design Studio couch

Green Design Studio mattress

I come from a Marketing Research background, which has allowed us to be able to offer a complete solutions approach to building and renovating 'green'. We started out researching zero VOC paints and that eventually led us to the hundreds of products we now offer in our GREEN Design Studio.

Green Design Studio seatbelt chairs

Why Liberty Village?

Liberty Village is an up-and-coming area that we felt attracted many of our target clientele. An area where developers have chosen to work with old architecture rather then rebuild... a true sustainable community. We loved the character and find that many of our clients within the area appreciate the sustainability the developing village has to offer.

Green Design Studio fireplace

How does Green Design Studio define "green"? Are there consistent or internationally-recognized (e.g. LEED) criteria you use when sourcing products and/or suppliers?

We have made it our mission to research and source products of complete sustainability that aid in maintaining the health of the environment and the home, and to educate people so they can make healthy and positive product choices for their family and community.

Green Design Studio table

Green Design Studio corner couch

We evaluate the content of the actual products right down to the manufacturing processes of our suppliers. We select only products that qualify through strict parameters. LEED is especially important to our trade clients; we are very knowledgeable of the LEED Certification process have worked extensively with our clients that allow them to meet LEED specifications.

Green Design Studio green baby

We have created different categories in which we segment our products. Those categories are: recycled, recyclable, renewable, responsible manufacturing practices, contains recycled content, no off-gassing, locally manufactured.

The products that have qualified to become part of our Studio's offerings must fit into at least 3 of these categories. All of our products can be seen on our website .

What is your approach to balancing accessibility, affordability and green options? Where do you think your studio falls on those spectrum?

Traditionally green building products have been more expensive then the traditional options, although ever since the increase in awareness of eco options for the home, there have been more manufacturers/suppliers surfacing. It is making an otherwise niche market into a larger more accessible one. An average home owner can easily adopt eco options for what are most times equivalent costs.

Green Design Studio bedding

At the Green Design Studio over 90% of our products come from North America in order to limit transportation fuels.

Green Design Studio Icestone

Green Design Studio flooring

Who is your target clientele? Are you primarily working with trades; foot traffic; residential; commercial?

We equally work with walk in clients for residential home renovations and with the trade clientele where we work with design firms and new home developers. We tailor our service according to our clients needs/desires.

Green Design Studio Tashodi

Green Design Studio Amenity Home

What is the scale of your design focus? Do you fall more towards green solutions on a large (e.g. flooring and tiling) or small (e.g. tableware) scale?

We equally offer design on a large scale (renovation products) and smaller scale projects (prints, accessories and tableware) but we have since opening found more of a response for the large scale projects. Most of our clients find that to make the greatest impact on the environment and the air quality of their home they choose green options for larger home renovations.

Is GDS involved in any special recycling programs?

We presently extend all of our suppliers programs (ie. FLOR recycling) and plan to execute our own programs in the new year. We have been open since June '08 and the response has been overwhelming to say the least... but we are tackling various initiatives as best as we can. Our focus remains to educate Toronto communities about the benefits of 'going green'.

Green Design Studio card

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