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Page One Too

Page One Too is a cafe by the same folks behind the popular coffee shop and cocktail bar, Page One

This second, smaller iteration of the cafe sits inside Foodbenders. Sharing a counter with the healthy takeout spot, the two businesses are barely distinguishable from one another. 

page one too torontoIt's a tiny operation compared to the spacious, multi-seater cafe on Mutual Street, and there's not much indication that Page One Too is even its own brand save for a hanging drink menu that wasn't there before. 

page one too torontoAt location Too, the presence of Foodbenders' bustling kitchen in the back means food takes precedence here. 

page one too torontoIt's not the first time the two businesses have collaborated before: Page One carries a wide selection of Foodbenders' veggie bowls made with sustainably-farmed ingredients.

page one too torontoThe decision to bring the pop-up as a permanent fixture to the healthy Bloorcourt space was mutual.

page one too torontoFoodbenders was missing a coffee component to its store, and Page One—known for employing very competent baristas—was looking to expand. 

page one too torontoNow you'll find the same person cashing out your Thai protein bowl from the Foodbenders fridge is also the same person prepping your carefully crafted cappuccino ($3.80).

page one too torontoBoth brands pride themselves on quality, so you'll be getting the best of both worlds in one visit. 

page one too torontoLimited to the essentials, the coffee menu uses Propeller's Turbo blend for all their caffeinated drinks, save for the drip coffee ($2.50 to $3), which uses Propeller Dark Roast. 

page one too torontoAs with Page One drinks in general, expect some great art courtesy of your skilled barista. 

page one too torontoMatcha or turmeric lattes ($4.50) use powder from Genuine Tea, which is whisked with water before adding milk. 

page one too torontoThe Kato Matcha brand is harvested by the Kato family, who live in Uji. According to Genuine, Kato's harvester likes to play Mozart music for the tea leaves before harvesting them, resulting in "happy Matcha".

page one too torontoAn amazing summer drink is the iced turmeric lassi ($5), which head barista Jann Meneses makes with Genuine turmeric powder, almond milk, and a dollop of Liberté probiotic yogurt. 

page one too torontoCookies come from Circles and Squares, with their famously-good ginger molasses, sea salt chocolate, and peanut butter chocolate cookies on sale for $3. 

page one too torontoAs usual, the cookies are addictive. There's a reason why Circle and Squares is the bakery of choice for many cafes in Toronto. 

page one too toronto

This may be Page One's first pop-up, but it likely won't be the last. Owner Firas Arafat says that they're looking to expand with more counters while collaborating with other businesses who focus on ethical operation.

Future endeavours might be permanent, or they might be temporary, but chances are we can look forward to another spot—maybe call it Page One "More"? 

page one too toronto

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Hector Vasquez

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