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Jodie's Joint

Jodie's Joint is a cafe by marijuana- and hemp-advocate Jodie Emery, otherwise known as Canada's 'Princess of Pot.' 

Known nationwide (and throughout the pot-smoking community worldwide, really) as one of the biggest proponents for weed legalization since 2004, Jodie and her husband Marc have been at the forefront of pot politics with their brand Cannabis Culture for years.jodies joint torontoThis hemp-themed cafe in the heart of Kensington is Jodie's first venture to bring together coffee, hemp, and—hopefully, in the future— weed, all under one roof at the bustling corner of Baldwin and Augusta.

jodies joint torontoWith pot legalization just weeks away, its inception marks somewhat of a watershed moment on a local scale. It's not legal for Jodie to sell pot products here yet, nor can patrons smoke weed here Amsterdam-style, but it's safe to say there are ongoing plans to do so in the future. 

jodies joint torontoIn the meantime, the cafe's most pressing issue is the fact that it replaces Kensington's most venerated cafe, Casa Coffee: the beloved 55-year-old institution which is still sorely and somewhat bitterly missed by some locals who used to frequent it. 

jodies joint torontoThe interior of the coffee shop has definitely seen a massive upgrade. Where jars of bulk food once reigned is now an open, airy space full of hemp fabrics, wood, and hanging plants from Organic Press next door. Hemp-themed artwork by local artist iamnattee is everywhere. 

jodies joint torontoSeating areas have also seen an upgrade, most notably some very comfy corner couches cushioned with plushy mildew-and mould-resistant hemp covers. Bump into Jodie and she'll be more than happy to tell you all the environmental benefits of subbing out regular fabrics for hemp.

jodies joint torontoFrom what I can see, Jodie's isn't the type of establishment dealing in active gentrification or erasure, and elements of the old spot still remain with notable improvements in accessibility and guest comfort. 

jodies joint torontoStill remaining is Casa Coffee's trademark open windows facing out into the street. Also maintained is the seating area outside that runs along Baldwin, trading in Casa's old block seating for walnut wood countertops by Ashh Collective, stained with non-toxic proof hemp oil. 

jodies joint torontoAs for Casa's affordable prices and their signature $1-for-a-small coffee, Jodie tries to match with $1.50 for a small drip coffee that's definitely bigger than Casa's old cups. There's also Stephen: a former barista from Casa who stuck around and seems pretty happy that he did.

jodies joint torontoUpstairs, a completely renovated second floor reveals Jodie's true intentions: a sunny space replete with couches and a small stage where one day, patrons can smoke weed, drink coffee, and maybe watch some performances while feeling nice and lifted.   

jodies joint torontoPartnering with local coffee favourite Sam James, Jodie's uses Cut Coffee beans to make everything from their $3.25 espressos to the $3.75 cappuccinos. 

jodies joint torontoDrinks like iced coffee ($4) can come with the addition of super tasty hemp milk for an extra 5o cents. 

jodies joint torontoAs for treats, you'll find baked goods here, from cookies ($2) to cinnamon buns ($3). 

jodies joint torontoWhether you're looking for a place to chat with friends (while high, on your own time of course) or, like in the Casa days, a place to people-watch, Jodie's Joint is the only place where you can get a hemp- and cannabis-education with your cup of coffee. 

jodies joint torontoAs with all change, there will be some resistance to anything that looks too shiny, but in Jodie's case, the shine comes from hemp varnishing, which somehow makes you appreciate the new-ness a little bit more. 

jodies joint toronto

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Jodie's Joint

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