Watusi is the latest venture from the people who brought you The Bovine Sex Club and Shanghai Cowgirl . Except it's on Ossington , so it's more hand claps and less cowbell.

The layout is long and lean and dimly lit, perfect for martini's and meeting new people. The menu is tapas and meant to be shared, so large groups should apply.

I recently had the chance to sample their mock brunch menu before it launched officially the following week and it was like a hangover multiple-mouth-gasm from start to finish. The eggs benny were light and supple, the berry salad was refreshing and crisp, and the sausage was an explosion of bbq juice excitement. No really, I was basically making out with the menu.

The waitresses all have this 60s airline stewardess thing about them which in turn influences lady patrons to dress to impress at night. It's a modern day swinging 60s den for the over 25 set. Part arty, part tourist, but no bull. The martini menu is hilarious with drink names like a "Slow, Screw, Mildly Comfortable, Slightly Wild" and "Skinny Bitch" and the service is both speedy and pleasant.

In fact, I can't believe it took me this long to try it out. If you're looking for a nice alternative to the King St. crowd that have descended on Ossington flies to flesh, then duck into Watusi and have a cocktail and a dance daddy-o.

Writing by Anna Von Frances

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