The Barn

The Barn has always been my favourite club on Church St. There is something so seedy in all the sexiest ways about it. From the name down to the location to the actual space itself, The Barn has never had a style or a preference or a trend, it's just "The Barn". It's one of those places that everyone has been. Straight, gay, boys, girls, leather, bears, trolls, twinks, lezzies, everyone has had at least one good night at The Barn.

I'll give you the Cole's notes of the sadness that has pervaded in recent years: original owner, Janko Naglic was murdered in October of 2004 and the community was left in total shock. Later, it all came out that The Barn was actually on tough times and Janko was barely holding it together and it shut down for much longer than anticipated. In 2007, they opened their doors for Halloween to a packed crowd, with a newly repainted exterior but mostly the same on the inside. Of course, the infamous painting of two cowboys with their arms around each other is still on the South wall.

Well now it's been re-branded, which is a whole other story than just a coat of paint. The Barn, once the best cruising spot on Church is back and taking no prisoners. It's completely re-done. Black and red is the new colour scheme throughout. The first floor is still loungy and the bars and dance floor are in the same spots, but there is a fresher, lighter feel to it, with a hot entrance instead of merely just a door and comfy couches to complete the laid back feel.

On the second floor there are new satellite bars and more black and red decor. The second floor smoking patio is still accessible from here. And then there's the third floor. On top of a dance floor and another bar there's something new and special kids. Two words sum it up perfectly: sex maze. There was always a dark back room for getting it on, but now there's a legitimate maze complete with glory holes, nooks, dim lighting, crannies, an iron cross and more red lighting. Never a better hot mess did anyone ever see.

What else is new? The summer lineup is looking dope. In addition to an already rammed College Night on Wednesdays with DJ Summation and Fridays with residents Mark Falco, Deko-ze, Jamal and Jay Force, new Thursday, Hustler with Matt C looks pretty nuts. For those of you who remember Matt C from back in the Industry days he's baaaaack, for the summer at least. New Saturday, There Goes The Neighborhood, hosted by Matt Sims combines east and west with DJs Vivi Diamond (Thunderpussy), Vaneska (CiRCA/StudioTo), Shane McKinnon (Foxhole), Real Talk and Doctor Baggie.

Long story short, The Barn is most definitely back on track and here's a little prediction: I bet it'll be the hottest spot on Church this summer.

Writing by Anna Von Frances

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