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SP184 was once just a raw space at the back of Superpoint on Ossington, but the pizza restaurateurs knew they had to do more with it. What basically looks like the inside of a garage has been turned into a combo events space and almost an overflow seating area.

On Fridays and Saturdays they put more tables and chairs into the blank space and serve Superpoint’s menu. Other nights they’re open for booking private parties.

SP184 bar TorontoReminding me a tad of chef Jonny Poon’s other restaurant, Bar Fancy, where a neon tiger is the only clue towards the entryway, SP184 encourages you to enter from the back alley where there’s simply a purple light and a door marked SP184.

SP184 bar TorontoMonday nights they have DJs, though you can only drink and not eat in SP184 those nights.

SP184 bar TorontoOn a regular night at Superpoint you might see this bottle getting tossed around and shots of the mysterious mixture inside getting tossed back: it’s called “Black Bird,” a lethal but surprisingly tasty combo of sharp Jameson, bitter fernet and Montenegro ($7 a shot).

SP184 bar TorontoBehind the bar is an awesome vintage Pizza Hut sign salvaged from Hamilton that gives the whole room a red glow for an after hours, speakeasy feel that goes with the back-of-the-restaurant location.

SP184 TorontoDraft is the same as whatever’s on tap at Superpoint at the moment, primarily local craft brands like Sawdust City, Beau’s and Left Field, pints running around eight bucks. They also do Burdock beers on draft, and those are around ten bucks a pint.

SP184 TorontoWhile up front Superpoint may be more about biodynamic sparkling wine and fandangled cocktails, SP184 retains a passion for the natural and handcrafted while being more of a drink-straight-from-the-can type secret club. Can of Coors Banquet, $7.

SP184 bar TorontoThey’ll also do very limited edition bevvies you might not be told about at the front, like this adorably small bottle (the ones Burdock retails in their shop are larger) of Burdock’s Ero ($18), a blend of one-year-old barrel aged mixed-fermentation saisons that’s funky and sour.

SP184 bar TorontoFandangled or no, cocktails are something that may be on offer at SP184, but count more on beer: when we visit, hard liquor is limited to straight up mixed drinks in plastic cups.

SP184 TorontoThe garagey feel comes from a concrete floor and a huge garage door that lifts open for the warmer months, screaming block party. The DJ booth is built into the bar.

SP184 bar Toronto

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Hector Vasquez

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