La Porte

La Porte is a new bar at Dundas and Ossington. Just a few months old, it's already known for hosting themed nights, impressive DJs and drinks specials.

I visited La Porte late one Friday evening. The bar is in a long space with high ceilings with a few tables and lounge chairs for bottle-service ballers at the front and back. There's a semi-private room at the very back of the space, perfect for hosting a small get-together or entertaining clients or whatever else successful people do in enclosed spaces.

The bar is decorated with carefully chosen stylish doors (sorry, Polkaroo ) and incorporates door imagery as a tribute to their name, the French word for door . As I was expecting Hoosier-themed drinks and midwestern accents , the door theme was a welcome surprise. Even the DJ booth is made to look as though it's a two-door wardrobe with the DJ rising out of it, casting aside his IKEA shackles, ready to drop the bass.

As my companion and I approached the bar, the bartender informed us that there was a $4 Jagerbomb special. We immediately ordered two. Wondrous speculation in hushed voices followed about how the Jagerbombs were so cheap (Did they make the jager in a bathtub? Did a misfit employee accidentally order too much RedBull and when they couldn't return it, hijinks ensued? Was it a trap to lure in douchebags who loudly exclaim "Jaaagerboooombs!" at bars so they could capture and enslave them for all of eternity?) but the speculation turned to a frank discussion about the Bieber-Gomez saga after we were two 'bomb deep.

The drink special was equally popular with everyone else at the bar, clearly the drink of choice among people who would normally, judging from their haircuts and brand of eyewear, order beer or cocktails. At one point, a pack of fifteen youths scurried in, filled their cheeks with Jagerbomb and scurried out, all within minutes.

As the night went on, more patrons came in, some to dance but some to just chill out and converse. Despite everyone's confused central nervous system, La Porte remained fairly relaxed. The music was kept at a volume that was great for dancing but also appropriate for a bar-side tete-a-tete, perfect if you plan to chat up a potential lover or confront someone about their sordid past.

La Porte has all the markings of a club (DJ booth! Bottle service! A partial view of the urinal in the men's washroom from the outside if you look carefully enough!) but without the pretentiousness. The music is cool, the vibe is relaxed, and if the night and drink specials are right, your bill might come in lower than the cost of cover at other clubs. All these factors together open the door to a good time at La Porte.

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