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Communist's Daughter

Communist's Daughter is a relic, a well-known bar that introduced a new sign of nightlife in the Dundas and Ossington area. 

Lovingly termed as "Commie's"by locals, this neighbourhood watering  hole opened in 2003, when most of Dundas West was filled with old sports bars and small storefronts. 

Owner Paul Emery and his wife Patricia Welbourne started it with the hopes to bring forth a younger, more modern crowd into the area. 

communists daughter torontoThey did exactly that, over 20 years later and the spot is still packed on the weekends with groups of friends or locals who want to stop in by themselves. 

As eye-catching as it is, the name of the bar was taken after one of Patricia's favourite songs from a band called Neutral Milk Hotel

communists daughter torontoThe tiny, one-room hallway that takes up the whole bar forces you to be intimate with whomever is sitting around you.

It's common for you to walk in here as a stranger, make friends, then realize you might actually be neighbours with the people you met, on your way home. 

The character of this bar is reminiscent in the history it holds, dozens of dollar bills scatter the back wall behind the bar, a collection of money from all around the world that's been added to over the decades. 

communists daughter torontoSpeaking of history, when's the last time you saw a real-life jukebox at a bar? Or even used one yourself?

Communist's Daughter has relied on the record playing machine to entertain people since their beginnings, you have the freedom to choose and play what you'd like.  

communists daughter torontoThis bar has a "you get what you get" type of bar service, they stick to the basics in mixing up classic rail options with a few types of beer. 

Don't hesitate to ask the bartender to surprise you when you're ordering, they like to get creative here and you might try something you'd never thought to get on your own. 

communists daughter torontoTake the Blackbird shot ($6.00), a mix of Jameson and Montenegro, the type of shot you might be offered as a courtesy from the bartender if you show up during birthday festivities. 

You can get a Dark and Stormy ($14.00) in this large cup rather than the shorter rocks glasses you might find at other bars in the downtown nightlife scene.

communists daughter torontoA shot of Kraken rum is mixed with fresh lime and Jamaican ginger beer, but feel free to switch it up for another favourite rum of your choosing. 

As an ode to history, a sign from the previous business which stood where Communist's Daughter is still intact. Look for the little chalkboard sign on the front window to know you're at the right bar. 

communists daughter toronto

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Communist's Daughter

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