The Addisons Residence

The Addisons Residence is a lounge-meets-club that has taken over the former C Lounge space on Wellington, just south of King West. Inspired by a retro home in Beverly Hills, the space is divided into a kitchen area, living room and rec room for a unique club experience.

I visited the Addisons Residence on a Thursday evening. On the outside, there's no signage - the only thing indicating that this was a club was a quirky doormat and a flock of well-dressed people waiting to get in.

Inside, the space is decorated impeccably, thanks to Lisa Ho , my new lifestyle idol (take that, Blake Lively )/the designer behind EFS' gorgeous rooftop patio.

Beyond the foyer, the space is divided into three rooms. The first room, the kitchen, has a full-service bar along one wall and an elegant, long table in the middle. Mirrors and photos are on the wall, and like a real kitchen, there's some counter space to rest your drink.

It's well-lit with tasteful plants and looks like the kind of place Ina Garten fantasizes about (alongside Jeffrey and trans fats). The next room is set up like a living room, with benches, chairs, bookshelves, and yes, another bar.

Though the living room was mostly filled with deep, intellectual types discussing important matters like grexit, carding, and why Ariana Grande thinks it's acceptable to taint baked goods with her bodily fluids, there is a small space in one corner for live music.

The last room, the rec room, is the most relaxed, with seating around the perimeter, TVs, games like foosball and air hockey, and the third and final bar. The Addisons Residence is also remaking C Lounge's 5000 square foot patio, though it won't be open until later this summer.

True to my youthful self, I naturally gravitated toward the rec room, hoping that the shows I desperately wanted to watch but were forbidden at home were being shown on the TVs (sadly, for some reason, the bar was not playing Power Rangers).

True to my current self, I made my way to the kitchen bar to get a cocktail instead of facing my disappointment head-on. I chose the Summer Refresher ($13), one of a few signature cocktails in a menu that will be changing often.

The cocktail's ingredients include vodka, watermelon honey juice, lime juice and basil leaves, and it was sweet, summery, and strong, very strong. I had a few sips and went from Grace Kelly to Gary Busey in the course of ten minutes. It was much appreciated.

As the night went on, people played games in the rec room, chatted in the living room, and snacked on delicious offerings from The Food Dudes in the kitchen. In accordance with the house party theme, I kept to myself and watched people I vaguely knew interact with other people I vaguely knew.

The Addisons Residence is fresh, well thought out, and well executed. The drinks are great, the space is beautiful, and I'm personally grateful it exists because I legitimately don't know anyone in real life with a house this nice that would invite me over.

In an industry with too many bland duplicates and unoriginal ideas, the breath of fresh air it brings is much needed and much welcomed.

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