ACE Nightclub

ACE is a new nightclub that touts itself as an elite place to play. Opened in the old Footwork space on Adelaide, a whole different vibe is cultivated. I visited the club on opening night, anxious to see whether this ace would be gin-rummy -style or more on the side of Texas hold'em .

Cover is usually $20 (depending on the event), but is reduced to $10 before 11 pm. The interior is decorated lavishly with chandeliers, LED lights that change colours and giant framed mirrors. The marble-esque bar is stretched along one wall, showing off Moet in refrigerators, with neutral leather booths for bottle service along the other walls. It looks exactly the way I expect Eurofab to look on the inside. Though it's a smaller space, the high ceilings free it from feeling like one of those places where you'll have to throw some 'bows if you want to get your dance on.

One of the bartenders mentioned their signature drink was a Cosmo, so I decided a throwback to the old days when every girl who watched HBO thought that a part-time writing gig somehow scored you a collection of designer shoes and a one-bedroom in Manhattan was necessary. The drink ($14) was very, very sweet but good. Served in a highball glass instead of a martini glass, this Cosmo was easier to keep from spilling (a plus if you once spilled hot coffee on a stranger's thigh in a crowded Psych 101 lecture at 8:30am and then hastily tried to wipe it off his leg with your pashmina only to be met with a disgusted look as he switched to the seat beside the guy who was not-so-discreetly watching porn).

The female bartenders, all gorgeous, were all dressed in black dresses so little that one wrong move would result in an exposure that would drive Tina Belcher mad. In addition to serving cocktails, Ace specializes in bottle service. The bottles range in price from Android tablet ($180) to OSAP loan ($17K) with two packages at the $400 and $500 mark.

As the night wore on, I noticed that most of the patrons were closer in age to quinceaneras than CPPs. I tried to test this theory by loudly recalling memories only people 30 and older would understand ("Remember Kim Campbell? Remember being able to do long division when she was Prime Minister? Those were the days...") but in the way most experiments end, I got into a long discussion about Kim Campbell instead of collecting useful results. In the washroom, I did overhear some girls talking and the content ("Open the door, I want to show you my boob!" Yes, this is a direct quote and yes, boob was singular) seemed to solidify this as a club for the younger (or channeling something Harry Casey -related) crowd.

Overall, the bar was a fun place to go to dance, drink and discuss political issues that don't matter anymore. The prices and younger clientele make it more ideal if you're ready to let loose (celebrating something boob-related, perhaps?) or entertaining people from out of town. With that in mind, if you're okay with dropping the cash, ACE is a sure bet for having a good time.

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