817 Sports Bar Toronto

817 Sports Bar

817 Sports Bar has totally revamped the old Dog's Bollocks space, while keeping within the boundaries of an accessible mainstream bar.

Serving an extensive menu of classic pub favourites, updates are mainly aesthetic, the capacity expanded to 190 from the previous 123 thanks to the removal of old-fashioned fixed seating.

817 Sports Bar Toronto

Three massive projectors and 10 screens broadcast sports, a DJ filling in on the modern high-quality sound system during breaks in the action and after games are over.

817 Sports Bar Toronto

A Diavola pizza ($14) is one of those personal size bar pies, house dough topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella and spicy soppressata salami. It's no Neapolitan thin crust, but it's solid enough and very easy to share.

There are also the usual Hawaiian, pepperoni and Margherita options among others, as well as a few "flatbreads."

817 Sports Bar Toronto

Wings go for $14.50 for a pound, a chilli sauce sweet, mild and sticky. This is probably my favourite kind of thing to take down at a bar, especially with lots of blue cheese sauce and veggie sticks, and I'd be interested to try an Atomic Ghost Pepper or gochujang sauce.

817 Sports Bar Toronto

The 817 Stack ($18) is a whopper of a stunt burger that fits more easily within frame for an Instagram photo than in your mouth. 

I don't really love how you can't get both 6 oz Angus chuck patties, cheese, applewood bacon, Canadian bacon, onion rings, lettuce, tomato, pickle and special sauce all in one bite, but each individual element itself tastes pretty good, so I'd maybe just go for a more average-sized burger. Accompanying fries are nice and crisp.

817 Sports Bar Toronto

Typical big brand tap offerings are around $7 to $8 for 18 oz pints in hefty glasses. There are also options for tall cans, buckets of bottles, and even clubby Dom Perignon.

817 Sports Bar Toronto

This place is open all day and serves a late night menu past 10:30 p.m., and comes equipped with a high-speed open WiFi network and tons of outlets. 817 Sports Bar comes to us from the people behind the now permanently closed strip club Remington's.

817 Sports Bar Toronto

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